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Running errands all through the day, knackered by the daily chores of practice, training, Gym and rehab sessions, the life of an athlete is an everyday bustle and their house will be the last location where could be spotted at during the day.

With the novel Coronavirus exploring the world and exploiting it every minute, there is no other option left than to stay at the house shutdown from the everyday hustle. While this has brought many countries and businesses to an economical steep, sports with all tournaments cancelled globally standouts to be the one adversely hit.

With all the scheduled tournaments striked off the sporting calendar for the next few months, and self-quarantine and social distancing being advised, all of the athletes have also become casualties grounded, with their hustling lives resumed to a halt.

Be it a  professional athlete fighting the opponents to earn  win;  or an aspiring athlete fighting through the hurdles to make it into the team, this would have been a crucial time where everybody would have been running their won races, yet here we are stranded inside our houses,

While most of them have been setting up home gyms and finding ways to start their grind inside the doors, here are some things athletes can do while being rammed in the house.


While a heart spiking intense cardio session may be something impossible indoors, strength and conditioning can be done at small spaces available in the house. A little weights and a resistance band would add on to a perfect workout but the absence of them can be substituted by various modifications to make the work out tougher. If there was a muscle that was holding the bag down for a long time, this is the perfect time to work on it and get it strengthened for the upcoming tournament.


Crammed up between busy schedules and run over by tournaments one after the other, analyzing the failures and finding the gaps to be filled to add on to a performance would have been an uphill task for many. Well, now that there’s ample time with nothing much taking over  the schedules, this is the right time to analyze the Failed performances, understand the why factor, fix it up while lauding  the successes and figuring ways to keep escalating from there.


While being eaten up by the frenetic phase of the competitive structures, one might not have  had enough time to look into the basics and strengthen it. But basics play a major role in setting the foundation to build a solid game. And with no upcoming tournaments to enhance another skill for, this would be the right time to take a look at the basics and work on them. And since working on the basics might not need much space, one can find some place in their house and make the most out of it.


The importance of goals is obvious as it directs one to through the path ahead. This time can be used to gain a precise understanding on the competition and analyzing the competitors, which will give a clear understanding of one’s standings. After which new goals can be set to break through various levels and proceed higher. While the long term goal stands fixed, the short term goals to achieve can be analyzed and revised if needed.


Travelling frequently for tournaments, athletes seldom get enough time to spend with families and a good time to rest and recover amid tight schedules. Grounded at home with nothing left to the athletes can take a break from their ongoing bustle and spend time with their family.

On being utilized properly, this could be the time for athletes, to halt their engines, refuel and gear them up for the tough rides ahead.

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