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7 reasons why girls should play sports

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The more fundamental question to ask is probably, why aren't girls playing sports? But that's another story.


A girl, all the time is not supposed to experience her little princess fairy tale. Things have unbelievably changed for girls and it’s high time for us to realize and understand it. One such thing is – ‘Girls playing and participating in Sports’ – Presently, there is no sport where a girl can’t take part. From Kabaddi to Archery, girls take part in every sport. Also, the outcomes and the reasons for girls who play sports are plenty. Now, let us just look into few reasons why girls should take part in sports.  


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Gathering focus and concentration




Focus is the gateway to all thinking. Girls can develop great focus when they are into sports. When they play a match, their focus will automatically be on that match and that’s how their focus works on the game they play. They will not only build the habit of focus in their matches but also on the else things, say on the book they read or the movie they watch. Their concentration will only stick to that and not on anything else when they are actually into it. So girls, if you play a game, you’re not learning how to focus you’re instead experiencing it.


Strong both physically and mentally



Normally, it’s hard for girls to be both physically and mentally strong. It’s not impossible but hard and tough. Being in sports, their physique can improve and be amazing like anything. They’ll be super strong and brisk all the time. They won’t get easily tired or feel dizzy after performing some work or task. They can stay active the entire day. And mentally, can be strong too. They can find easier solutions for the problems they face and stay strong without any breakdowns. So girls, your sport helps you build a better you, strong and wise.

Breaking stereotypes


Stereotype is like a long thread which goes on and on. But now, girls and women are breaking stereotypes and paving new paths in this stereotyped society. Playing sports and dedicating one’s own self into a sport, girls have proved and still are proving ‘Sky is not the Limit’ and thus they create their own unique identity. Girls receive only less encouragement from the members of their family to actively participate in sports. This clearly needs a change and people need to wake up. Give all your family support to your little girl and cheer her up, who knows she might even be on the winning queue for Olympics.

Easily overcoming depression and tough times




Girls who are into sports know how to handle their emotional breakdowns. They don’t really care about their physical appearance. Besides their win and loss in the matches they play, they know how to tackle win and loss in life as well. Girls in sports even help their friends find solutions for their problems. Playing sports with all the spirit reduces stress and depression. When you keenly focus on something, you don’t really care about other things. That’s how girls participating in sports don’t fall an easy prey to depression.


Sticking to regular routine




Generally, moving with the pace of your routine or schedule is an everyday challenge. But girls who play sports stick to a regular routine and keep pedalling their routine cycle smooth with time. They don’t fail to miss out anything, right from waking up to going back to bed on time. They learn how important time is and are punctual and perfect in whatever they do. Just by following their routine or schedule, they begin to build self-confidence and trust, thereby knowing their worth.


Staying fit and healthy



Playing sports can benefit girls in many ways. With healthy food and a well-balanced diet, they can be physically fit and strong. Even participating in sports improves memory power. Also, studies say that girls who take part in sports have many hidden health benefits. It strengthens up your immune system, reduces the risk of breast cancer, improves cardiovascular health, enhances joint flexibility and muscular strength, lowers the risk of diabetes and balances blood pressure. So summing up all these, they’ll get a prolonged and a healthier life.


Valuing time





Girls who participate in sports don’t tend to waste their time like few other teen girls of their age do. They value and know the importance of time and are productive accordingly. They don’t get addicted to anything like television or video games. They even excel in their academics. They always find ways to balance sports and studies. So, girls who actively participate in sports are way smarter and wiser than other girls of their age. Lastly, support and encourage girls if they have passion and interest to participate in sports. Don’t let anything stop them. Run with them; be with them in their win or loss; boost them up in every step they take. And hey girl, you always have that spirit running within you and ‘You Go Girl’!  



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