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Aaliya Ebrahim -

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When did you start playing?

I started playing at the age of 6. I remember watching tennis on TV, I was fascinated by the game and was curious to learn the sport.

Any superstitious ritual before the match?

I bounce the ball 3 times before serving. It's something I always do before I start the game.

One teacher, you would like to have as your coach.

I would choose my mom because she is very inspiring. She helps me in every way possible plus I wouldn't be put down or really sad if she scolds me.

Something that you truly believe in

I believe that winning all the time is not important. Losing is also important because we learn from our mistakes. It helps us in improving our game.

One sport you wish you could switch to

I like swimming. It's really fun and interesting. The idea of playing and training every day inside a swimming pool itself excites me.

In what area of the game you have to improve?

I think I need to improve my serve. A good performance depends on how good your serve is. It’s like the first impression you give your opponent of yourself. Good serve wins you matches.

Is sport a natural talent or a skill that is developed?

Sport is a skill that is developed by working hard and learning something novel every day. Sport is about gaining experience. It’s like building something with blocks each day, one by one.

Who is your favorite opponent?

I don't have a favourite opponent yet. But I have a dream to play against Serena Williams.

Neither do I dislike any of my opponents. All I need is someone against me to play with and someone I can challenge.

Your biggest inspiration

My parents are my biggest inspiration because they are always there for me. They are my backbone. They support and motivate me to achieve my dreams. They have faith in me and never make me feel I'm incapable.

The most common roadblocks that stop athletes from achieving their dreams

The financial crisis is a huge roadblock for athletes because athletes need to travel a lot for tournaments and pay heavily for specialised training.

Your most prized possession

Tennis, my game is my most prized possession, without it I would be incomplete.

Who had the greatest influence in your life?

My grandmother had a massive influence in my life. She was a badminton player and she shared her experiences with me which I really value. She also gave me a scarf that she always carried with her to the court. I knew at that very moment that she believed in my talent and that really motivated me.

Best sports movie ever

According to me, it's Dangal. The real Dangal girls are the true inspiration. Glad that the mindset of our society has developed so much. My dad used to say that earlier it was rare to see a girl ride a two-wheeler, but now there are a lot of women racers in India.

Your Goals

As of now my goal is to improve my rankings, to do that I need to win a couple of ITF tournaments. This will get me into the top 50 off junior rankings.

What’s on your bucket list?

I want to play grand slams and start playing WTA. Winning the French open would be the ultimate achievement.

What is the scariest experience you have ever had?

Once, I had an encounter with a snake. In beginning, I thought it was toy or something, but I soon realised it was a snake and I ran. This was a very scary experience.

One superpower you wish you had

Reading people's mind, then I could read my opponent's mind as well.

ONE moment that you won’t forget

I won a really important match even after being down on the scoreboard, I can never forget this moment in my career.

Your first encounter with a celebrity player

I met Leander Paes at the academy I used to train. G.O.A.T is one of the most humble human beings I have met.

One message to your opponents

Be ready because I will get better, stronger and fitter every time I play.

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