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Achint Bhagat -

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When did you start playing tennis?

I was in Jaipur when I started playing, at the age of eleven. I went to play casually at a club not knowing that it would define me later on.

Any pre-match, post-match rituals you follow

Before every match I listen to a few songs (EDM) to get myself pumped up, and after finishing my matches, I sloppily sit for a while in a chair, cover my face with a wet towel and analyze my performance in the match.

One match that you are very proud of

This week I played Men’s 50k Nationals in Delhi. I had lost all my points that I had made as I hadn't played for while. I pulled off quite a few matches against seeded players. This definitely gave me the much needed confidence I needed. I am back on the ranking chart now.

Lamest excuse you have ever given to your teacher

I blamed my racquet for a loss. I know it was very lame, saying that the racquet didn’t do me good.

The toughest punishment given to you by your coach

I was made to sit out for two whole days when I misbehaved on court.

Your ultimate achievement

Playing one of my idols at Wimbledon , centre court.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

A player with difference. I want to be recognized as someone who stands above the crowd!

In what area of your game do you think you need to improve

To be mentally tougher, as that would enable me to pull off more close and tough matches.

Perk of being an athlete

Being an athlete enabled me to handle all challenges and celebrate diversities.

Favorite opponent

I like anyone who gives me a thrill on court. I like playing Dheeraj K.S.

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Club you represent


Topspin Tennis Academy in Bangalore.

Who had the greatest influence in your life?

My mother, as she pushed and encouraged me at every stage of my tennis journey. She never gave up and didn't let me give up too.

Most prized possession

My Tennis gear!

One tattoo you would like to have

Deathly Hallows symbol on my forearm.


Short term goal is to get a ITF PRO CIRCUIT RANKING and my long term goal is to be top 50 in the world by the age of 25.

Funniest childhood memory

Getting bitten by a dog and getting 5 injections at the age of 3.

Most Embarrassing moment

My shorts getting ripped off during my regular practice. I had to tell my mother to get another pair right away.

First encounter with a celebrity athlete

With Sania Mirza. I got an opportunity to play doubles with her.

One message to your opponents

Don't take me lightly.

Your biggest achievements

Winning 3 under 18 titles in 3 weeks.

Your World Ranking and National Ranking?

World Ranking - 1414

National Ranking ( U 18)- 45

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