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Akshat Agarwal: “A Self Reliant One-Man Army”

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Ranked 21 in U-16 and 50 in U-18. He wants to be known as the chivalrous, dedicated man who worked hard to carve his way out to be a good human being. First match for India was ITF Juniors Grade 3 qualifying round on Jan 2015. Played against Chen Kai Hsun from Chinese Taipei. The match was a nail biting marathon which went on for over 3 hours where he eventually lost 7-6 4-6 6-7. One match that you are proud of

ITF GRADE 3 KOLKATA. I defeated the top seed in the final qualifying round in a tough two-and-a-half-hour battle of 7-6 7-5. I had my family and loved ones who had witnessed the match which motivated me and made it even more special to play for the country.

In What Ways Are You a Leader?

Leader of self. Even though I might take advice from people, at the end of the day I will only do what seems right to me and never under any circumstance, would take up a decision under force or by the influence of any other.

What drives you to go for training every day?

The fact that it has made me who I am today. The values and virtues it has taught me to carve out a strong personality to face the word.

Any rituals you follow

Before match I would listen to song playlists on loop to release stress and tension and to kick in the adrenaline.

If someone made a movie of your life, which genre would it be?

Drama. Simply for the reason that there are so many ups and downs in my life which makes it an emotional roller coaster. Things were going well and I was slogging day in day out for tennis and studies until one day I was told that my mother is diagnosed with blood cancer. It was a total turn of events but I kept my composure and came out of it, with the help of self-explored avenue.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of another athlete, who would it be?

Andy Murray. I want to wear the Olympic gold medal for my country and also have the prestigious and Royal Wimbledon trophy in my hand.

One habit that you want to break or you have broken?

I have stopped fearing anybody for whatsoever reason, started to face the real shades in my life. I have a much confident approach to life.

Lamest excuse you have ever given to your teacher?

Too many excuses given throughout my life to actually pick out the lamest one from the lot.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

Goosebumps. I get goosebumps when I think about it. I think that shows what it means to play for my country.

Your ultimate achievement?

To come out as a great human being and being remembered for my good deeds. To have no regret and to make use of every opportunity and moment, life throws at me.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

The chivalrous, dedicated man who worked hard to carve his way out to be a good human being.

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Initial hurdles you faced

I had a tendency to put on weight and I was not a natural athlete. To overcome this, I had to work on my physical aspect much more than normal which would mean waking up at 5 and working out before going to school.

Perks of being an athlete

A drool worthy body and an opportunity to roam around the world. Surrounded with professionalism and positivity, a much larger friends circle with likeminded people and a sports atmosphere you can’t get rid off. An addiction.

If you could get a tattoo, what would it be?

Already got one on my left shoulder. It is a daunting lion face emerging out from a Chinese symbol - Yin Yang

Your Goals

My Short-term goal is to get an admission in a good college in the United States of America where I can pursue my tennis as well as other opportunities which is lacking in India.

When thinking about my Long-term goals, I really cannot be specific as I am doing my best that I can each day. Let destiny take care of the rest.

Scariest experience you have ever had?

The scariest experience I have ever witnessed in my life is knowing about my mother’s disease and instantly being filled with all sorts of negativity in the mind.

Your most Embarrassing moment

There was this time when I was so focused and engrossed in a tennis match that I was unaware I had won it. I saw my opponent near the net waiting to shake hands. He had to remind me that the match was over.

“Only thing I follow blindly & with full heart is Buddhism.”

One super power you wish you had

I wish to have the superpower of being the perfect master of my mind. I would use it to curb negative thoughts and to attain peace.

Your favorite team/club

My favorite team is South African cricket team because of the fitness and bonding they get on the field. All of them are fun loving beasts.

Greatest Indian athlete of all time?

Leander Paes. My favorite athlete would be Feliciano Lopez and also AB De Villiers along with his countryman Faf Du Plessis.

Your secret skills?

I play the guitar and I also write poetry and literature in the form of romantic philosophy and other human emotions.

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