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Aman Kumbhani- “I will never quit playing”

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He stepped on to the ground in 2008. The Indian athlete started visiting clubs to see his sister play. That’s how the young athlete started his journey. He entered the first semi-final of his career in a tournament which was held at Bombay Gymkhana where he defeated the number 4 seed in the tournament. He still remembers this moment in his life and this is the most precious moment in his life for him as well as for his family.


Your Fitness mantra


Sore today, strong tomorrow.

Are you a Predator or a Buddha when you enter the stadium?

I think it requires having a buddha mind as well as a predator attitude to survive inside the courts.

Your goals

For now, I need to work hard for under 23 category. After I am well-tuned, I will also try and train hard for national and international tournaments.

Is sports a natural talent or a skill that is developed?

I would say that any sport requires skill as well as a bit of talent. Extreme hard work compensates for the talent and a strong will to achieve something will get you to the top along with the determination to work hard no matter what.

Perks of being an athlete

Being an athlete, we naturally develop a fighter and killer instincts. Determination to not give up and finding quick solutions to problems. Such qualities often help in studies, work and various other aspects of life.

Toughest punishment given by your coach

Our coach used to make us run for 3 kilometers, do squats and never allowed us to play games for every mistake that we made.

One win that you are very proud of

I entered the first semi-final of my career in a tournament held at Bombay Gymkhana where I defeated the number 4 seed in that tournament. That was the best moment in my life as well as for my family.

Something that you truly believed in and nobody else did

I was always told that I won’t be able to continue squash if I take up engineering as my career. It is difficult to set up things and cope up, but I am glad that I have pursued sports as a passion!

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Nick names you love and hate

My close friends call me Amu. It sounds very cute when all friends are together. But it becomes really embarrassing when they start doing that in tournaments while cheering.

If you have a chance to play another sport. Which one would it be?

I would love to play cricket. This is because its real fun to play with different people. Also, I love to bat even though I am not so good at it.

Your ultimate achievement?

To play in various international events and would be more than proud to represent my country.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

I want to be known as one of the finest engineers and also as a good squash player.

Area of the game you have to improve?

I will have to improve in shot selections as well as in pre-match mindset.

Who is your favorite opponent?

Any person who never leaves any ball and plays fair and clean.

Common road blocks that stop people from achieving their dreams?

Excuses, laziness, no interest and negative thoughts often are the barriers to success.

Who had the greatest influence in your life

My dad. He himself was a cricket player and could not continue playing due to some situations. He has played a huge role in my life not only as my mentor but also as my friend.

If you could give one person a present and your budget is unlimited – what will be the present you would give and who will it be?

I would definitely give everything to my family and friends as they have also put in a huge amount of efforts to make me reach at this point of my life.

“Do your best, no matter what the result is.”

Your message to India U17 football team for FIFA U17 World Cup 2017

You guys are doing amazing! The real heroes. You are making India as well as every young Indian athlete proud of their country! Keep going.

One thing you used to do as a child that you wish you could still do?

To bunk school and play squash almost for the whole day!

What is your naughtiest moment during school days that you can remember?

I always lock up all the studio guys inside the sports room.

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