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Bangalore colleges that compete in sports

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Generally associated with the cliche of being an IT hub, Bangalore is also known for having some top universities that compete regularly in sports. The rivalry and healthy competition among the colleges help in cultivating and converting exciting young prodigies into potential world-beaters.


This in the end, benefits the nation as a whole and gives these young athletes extra exposure to competitive environment.


Jain University



Arguably one of the best universities (if not the best) in Bangalore, Jain University has always been dominating the intercollege tournaments in Bangalore. With fantastic infrastructure and scouting system, all potential young sporting talents in Bangalore want to join Jain University. Sportsmen like Pankaj Advani, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Rohan Bopanna, etc. have been the end-products of this university. Alumni like Pankaj Advani and Anup Sridhar have received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award and Arjuna award for excellence in Sports respectively, thereby taking the reputation of Jain University to newer heights. Basketball, Football, Cricket, Aquatics,etc. are the sports at the intercollege level at which Jain University have dominated. Jain University bagged back-to-back golds in 2015 and 2016 in the Autumn Muse which is an intercollege sports competition held by St. John’s Medical college in Bangalore. Their cricket rivalry is with Rizvi college of Mumbai as both of them compete regularly in interzonal tournaments, while as far as the south zone is concerned, they dominate this sport with convincing title wins. Rashtriya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE)




RVCE is not only one of Bangalore’s prestigious engineering colleges, but also a launch pad for many sporting careers as they always compete hard in intercollegiate sports championships in Bangalore. They are the winners of the 2019 VTU intercollegiate championships for Southern zone in Football and Cricket. Their cricket team beat fierce rivals Don Bosco Institute of Technology(DBIT) in the final. They also ended up winning the entire inter zonal cricket tournament, beating BMSIT in the final. They also ended up winning the Southern zone football tournament, but bowed out in the final of the inter zonal football tournament to GIT Belgaum. Their strong football and cricket teams have lit up a number of rivalries and exciting matches.  


MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT)



MSRIT is another private university that is similar to RVCE but operates in the Bangalore central Zone in the VTU intercollegiate sports tournaments. Like RVCE, MSRIT cricket and football teams have ended up being champions in their Bangalore Central Zone. They had a third place finish in the inter zonal cricket tournament in which RMCE ended up being eventual victors. In addition to that, they were also winners of the inter zonal chess tournament, thereby achieving greater heights in a unique sport. They also have a highly potent Basketball team which gives great competition to others in such tournaments.


BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE)




BMSCE is one of the major rivals of MSRIT in the Bangalore Central Zone, especially in volleyball,cricket and football. They ended up losing in the final to eventual winners MSRIT in the football tournament, thereby increasing the rivalry and hunger to fight back for victory versus MSRIT. While they earned a respectable third place finish in cricket and volleyball tournaments, they ended up as champions in the Handball tournament at the inter-zone level. This shows that for sports like volleyball and handball, BMSCE has  very strong and consistent teams.  



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