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Devi: ‘My dream is to play for the Indian senior national team’

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The Sethu FC's players are currently dipping their toes into the life of a footballer, as they mix it with the first team on the league as they travel to Ludhina to play in the Hero Indian Women’s League – which means now is a perfect moment to discuss the season ahead.

We asked goalkeeper Devi whether she felt she'd manage to emerge and break into the first-team in the not-too-distant future. She was optimistic, saying that it's "always been a dream" for her to represent her country. She also said that as long as she works hard, and is patient, she'll break into the side.




When you started playing football and how were the initial years like?

I played all sports, but the social aspects of football made me narrow my involvement in sport to football from U-14 onwards. When I realized I was good enough to play football, I doubled my efforts and my strength to pursue my career as a footballer. I became more determined than ever towards achieving my dream.


When did you realized that football is going to be your passion and profession?

During my initial days, I used to enjoy playing football. And I never had any aim to make a career out of it mainly because I was unaware of the fact that women’s football exists in the country. My family and my coach Arivalakan made me believe that if I continue to play like I did, I could look forward to a bright future where football is concerned.


What was the women’s football scene like when you first started playing and did you face any adversity growing up as a girl wanting to play football?

The women’s football scene was still developing at the time but to be honest I didn’t face any problems at all as a girl wanting to play football.


Who was your biggest influence growing up?

I would have to say my family! If it wasn’t for me starting to play with my brothers team and my mom taking me the length and breadth of the country then I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today! So my family! They have supported me through thick and thin!


How important Sethu FC in your footballing life?

Sethu FC has been instrumental in making me better person both on and off the field. You can see here that the club is providing players with great coaching, great facilities and great opportunity. They helped us develop a really raw piece of talent that is now anchoring a community. I’m really proud of that.


What goalkeeper gloves do you wear and how important is the right goalkeeper glove to you?

At the moment, I don’t have any favorite Goalkeeping gloves. It’s very important, you need to feel confident in what your wearing and I like the ‘roll finger’ gloves. They feel snug around my hands and I like that! Everyone has different preferences but I like roll finger as they feel snug!


Where do you see Sethu FC finishing this year – for both as a team and individually?

I don't know what the circumstances are, but I think that no-one wants to go there and play bad - everyone wants to go there and play their best and I think that's what everyone's going to try to do. I'd love to have a great tournament. Obviously we still have work to do this season, but there is definitely a sense of excitement building for the future, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.


What would be your ultimate achievement as a football player?

Each one dreams to wear that blue jersey. Each one dreams to play for their country. Each one dreams to be among those eleven on the field. And it’s no different for me. I would like to play for the Senior Nationals team and I am practicing hard to achieve the feat this year.  


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