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Four nutrition tips could help athletes immune system fight off the coronavirus

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Athletes face challenge maintaining fitness, nutrition during these stressful times away from sports. From eating right to working out, that’s a question made more difficult by increasing caution over the spreading coronavirus pandemic.

The world has almost been taken down and brought to a halt by the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan of China. The deadly virus that has threatened the world and quarantined it due to its communicability has thrashed the sporting domain urging the cancellation of a number of events ranging from International to the domestic levels.

The situation that demands social distancing and self-quarantined has forced athletes to stay behind the doors and has shut them off their normal practice and training routines.

On the verge of the pandemic, that is a threatening the world here are the few key strategies that athletes could follow barring the normal precautionary measures that athletes could take up to limit the risk of the infection and maintain a good sporting lifestyle.

Boost Immune system

Maintaining a robust immune system is highly vital and it can be built and maintained by establishing healthy eating habits and adopting healthy lifestyle practices.

While avoiding alcohol consumption and limiting other stressful sources that restrain and impact the sleeping routine is mandatory, foods that are teemed up with protein and micronutrients does half the job here.

Deficiency or the lack in proteins and micronutrients will have adverse effects on the athlete and adding them to the diet will be a definite add on and help them fight the deadly virus.

Avoid crash dieting

Crash dieting which is widely favored and ardently followed due to the immediate results gained, has a number of downsides and the results are predominantly short lived.  Some of the major after-effects includes weakening of the immune system and dehydration. Crash dieting is highly forbidden for athletes during the outbreak.

Probiotics and fruits can be consumed everyday. Probiotics which are microorganisms that has a number of health benefits and are even taken to treat some illness can be consumed everyday along with fresh fruits.

Intake of Vitamin D3 supplements

Food supplements rich in Vitamin D3, ranging between (1000-4000 IU), are highly recommended to ensure optimal blood levels in most of the athletes.

Carbohydrate ingestion & adequate training

For athletes who are highly active, ingestion of carbohydrates enhances the endurance performance in athletes. While training and pushing the body hard over a period of time, the body has a natural tendency to run deficit of carbs and it has effects on the performance of the athlete but it is highly crucial and appears to be limited by intestinal absorption. Chronic carbohydrate supplementation is recommended at such scenarios and it is highly recommended for athletes to fight Corona.

Overdoing training sessions at such conditions can put the athlete under high risk and ensuring adequate recovery and hydration post work out is recommended.

By managing the training sessions and by maintaining a nutritious diet and a hygienic lifestyle, athletes can avert the danger of the deadly virus and carry on their sporting lifestyle.

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