About Us

The Huddle: Who Are We?

What can beat the sheer excitement we feel as we watch the crowd go wild for our favourite team? Or as the stadium holds its breath while our champions inch towards the finish line? Fisto Sports was born out of this energy, and we are eager to share with you our enthusiasm for the inspirational world of sports.

We are India’s fastest-growing sports media platform and we promote both young rising stars from schools and colleges across the country as well as globally renowned Indian sports personalities.

There is a disappointing gap in the way traditional media houses encourage growing regional talent. We address this by offering you a comprehensive digital platform to stay up to date with all things sports and to collaborate with the ever-energetic crowd of sports enthusiasts and athletes. We believe that there is no better motivator than recognition and no better time to begin than now.

The Pavilion: What Do We Offer?


We Feature

  • The latest tournaments, match fixtures, and player profiles. We shine the spotlight on everyone, irrespective of their fame or medal tally.

  • Fresh news and reports, bringing to your screen every gripping detail of sports events from across the country.

  • A curated set of user reviews on the newest and coolest sports products out there, written exclusively for Fisto Sports.


We Provide

  • End to end media support for sports-related events and initiatives. We will meet and manage all your media related needs, including branding, social media marketing, designing, photography and videography, and PR. To propel your event footfall and visibility, contact us at info@fistosports.com

  • As a platform run by and for passionate sports aficionados, we offer you advertising access to a niche market, through dedicated advertisement spaces, the Fisto Megastore, advertorials, sponsored content and more.

The Finish Line:

Our Mission: Fuelled by passion and driven by innovation, we at Fisto Sports strive to celebrate tomorrow's sporting talent and capitalize on every opportunity to revolutionize the way each sport is followed in the country.

Our Vision: Our vision is to inspire and unleash the athlete within.

Our Crest and Colours: The story of our brand

“Some might have been sleeping at 2 am that Wednesday. But there we were. Sitting at the edge of our couch, yelling at the TV screen, and feeling power surge through our veins as the mighty Yellow Wall of Borussia Dortmund made its imposing appearance.

Days later, we still remembered the glory of that moment. And we chose our brand colours inspired by the passion and team spirit displayed not just by the feisty Borussia fans, but by sports enthusiasts across the globe- a glowing yellow, set against a black background that represents physical supremacy and willpower.

Night after night, as we spent hours watching matches from our living room couch, we also realized something. Sports is a celebration of worthy battles. The crest as our logo symbolizes just that, with each of the two lines representing the schools and colleges that host our fiery young talents.

Win or lose, each athlete battling it out on the arena, holds up their fist in honour of their effort and talent. As a team, we salute this spirit of sportsmanship through our brand name. Fisto Sports. And we welcome you to dive deep into the glorious world of sports.”

- The Fisto Sports Team