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Interview with captain of IIT Kanpur tennis team Parameswar Pal

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Quick learner, quiet girt – Parameswar Pal’s IIT Kanpur’s tennis player reckons it’s never too late to take up tennis and he’s proved it quite well so far.

It’s never too late to learn anything. And it's not only about starting young; it's also about excelling early. Parameswar Pal’s journey to play tennis has been quite a story. From being an ardent fan of Roger Federer; who didn’t see any tennis court barring on television till the day he came to IIT Kanpur; where he took the sport as a compulsory physical activity in the first semester and didn’t perform well during trials, learned all the shots watching videos on YouTube. Then, some sort of lightning struck and infused him with fervor for the game. He focused and developed his skills until he got into institute tennis team. After that, it’s been rollercoaster ride for the IITkain. Last year, he won a silver medal in the Inter-IIT Sports Meet and this year, Parameswar is not only looking forward to grab another medal but also will be captaining tennis team in the sports meet. His story is paired with hardwork and dedication, is bound to be nothing short of extraordinary. Find out more about the youngster experiences on the sport, his expectations in the coming UDHGOSH 2018 and whose attributes he would use to build a superplayer!

Embarking on a tennis career…

I was fan of Roger Federer since my childhood. I used to watch all of the matches that Federer played. I didn’t see any tennis court barring on television till the day I came to IITK. It was my wish to take tennis as compulsory physical activity (CPA) in my first semester. But as I’ve never played the sport, I didn’t perform well during trials.


I was not selected and unfortunately my CPA became NCC. Then I bought my own racquet and started playing tennis. I learned all the shots watching videos on YouTube. At first I didn’t get enough time for practice as the courts were almost occupied every day. So I started to play with one professor named Anandh Subramaniam as one court was booked for faculties. Sir also started to like to play with me as I was improving day by day. Then after one and half year I beat one player of institute team and got a chance to be a part of the team. Since then I am part of the institute tennis team. I also went to the 52nd Inter IIT Sports Meet’17 and won silver medal. In this year, I was selected as the captain of the tennis team. I’m looking forward to grab another medal in this year.


What he prefers: singles, doubles, or both?

I play both singles and doubles. Usually I prefer to play singles. But considering this year’s team, I have to play both singles and doubles as the level of other players are not so high.


Finding balance between academics and tennis

I face no difficulty in balancing academics and tennis as I am a die hard fan of playing tennis. I cannot sleep at night if I don’t play tennis for couple of days. I don’t waste much time gossiping with friends. I play tennis everyday for two hours in the evening. When a tournament knocks at the door, I increase the time for practice.


Improving on performances: strengths and weaknesse

I depend on my service and forehand for winning matches. There is not so much weakness in any of my wings though. But it’s true that I have a lot to improve in my game.


Best tennis player today?

As I am a die-hard fan of Roger Federer, so for me I will like to choose him as the best player. But if you consider the results of this year’s grand slams, obviously Djokovic and Nadal are on top of the list.


On ultimate career goal

Being a student at IIT, it is less likely to become a professional tennis player. So I think if I win gold medal in this year’s Inter IIT Sports Meet, I’ll be more than satisfied.


Best match in your career

I played a doubles match in last year’s Inter IIT sports meet. I cherish all of the moments of the match till now.


On the never ending debate of…Is tennis more of a physical game or mind game?

I think at the level of players of IITs, tennis is more of a mind game than physical game as during matches all types of pressure, anti-cheering go on. The level of tennis doesn’t become too high. Whoever keeps his mind cool during crucial situation, wins the match.


Message to opponents taking part in UDHGOSH 2018

You are all welcome to IITK. You’ll surely enjoy the tournament as normally we provide a very good facility to every participant. Play at your best and grab an opportunity to win a medal.


On match preparations and pre-game rituals

Usually I like to have a good breakfast on the day of tournament. I have some ‘lucky’ t-shirts to wear for a crucial match. I always focus on my outlook before coming to the court.


Aim at UDHGOSH 2018

There is only one goal and that is to win the tournament. All of the matches will be played in our own courts and that is a big advantage for us.


Favorite sport apart from tennis

Apart from tennis, I follow cricket as I’m a big fan also of the Indian team since my childhood. In my school I used to play cricket during tiffin breaks.


Best memory of your college time

I’ll take all of memories that I’ve spent in the tennis courts of IIT Kanpur. I’ll cherish all the moments of the tournaments that I have played as a part of tennis team. I’m very much proud to become captain of the institute tennis team.    


Rapid Fire

Dream Mixed Doubles Partner: Federer/Hingis

Favorite Surface: Hard Courts

Favorite Tournament: Australian Open

Favorite shot: Drop shot

Celebrity Crush: Roger Federer

The song that’s been on loop for you recently: 'Faded' by Alan Walker

Best win of your career: The match against IIT BHU in Udghosh’17

Cricket or football: Cricket

G.O.A.T (Greatest of all time) in Tennis: Obviously Roger Federer

A loss that hurt you the most: The match against BITS Pilani in Sangram’18, IIT Roorkee

Racquet that you use: Yonex Ezone DR 98

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