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Interview | IIT Kanpur Cricket team - “Bowlers are our greatest strength”

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The sweet sound of willow meeting leather as the ball flies over your head is enough to let you know that you are in the middle of a bunch of passionate and driven cricketers gearing up for their next big tournament.


With Inter-IIT’18 just around the corner, the IIT Kanpur cricket team is gearing up to take on challengers from all across the country participating in the event. The team is aware that they cannot take any of the participants lightly, as the competition is intense at the intercollegiate tournament. This year the team has seventeen players in its squad with the mix of new recruits and senior players in the Playing XI. The Cricket team looks well equipped to tackle their opponents this Inter-IIT’18 after more than one and a half months of practice. Like last time out, the team expects IIT-Kharagpur and IIT-Delhi to provide tough competition. So this time, the team has decided to field all the stronger players, in search for the elusive trophy.


In an interview with Fisto Sports, the IIT Kanpur Cricket team gave insights on their preparations, strengths and accomplishments, memorable matches and their views on India’s away form in test cricket and more.


Tell us about your team?

Our college team consists of passionate players who are ready to give their full determination and dedication to get the best out of them. Our team is no less than a professional cricket team. There are players who are match winners themselves on their day. Our college team is not just a team it is a culture which has been carried over the years.

 What is your team greatest strength – bowling or batting?

Our greatest strength are our bowlers they have proven themselves most of the time in difficult match conditions. Apart from bowling fielding has been our most important strength, without having good fielder’s any bowler may look ordinary.

What are your team expectations this year? Is there any important tournament that you should win?

The expectation is to win the final of Inter-IIT’18 which is a major tournament we thrive for. It is a journey of feeling and emotions which we carry when we leave our college. The expectation can only become true when the players follow the process to achieve the success rather than thinking of the main goal, taking each match as important as Inter-IIT’18 final.

Does your team set specific goals for every match or are they always the same?

There are specific goals according to the pitch conditions, weather conditions and player’s availability and form. The goals are decided before the match and according to our strengths and opposition’s weakness.

At this point in time, who is the cleanest and the biggest hitter of the cricket ball in the world?

That may vary according to person to person but for me, Chris Lynn is the biggest hitter of the cricket ball in the world though he is presently not in the squad of the Australian team.

What’s the best match that your team ever played?

There are many such matches. The best of current time would be Inter-IIT’17 bronze medal match where our captain stood firm and won us the match for us in the last over.

What was the moment this year when your team felt like unbeatable?

The moment was when we won our quarterfinal match in Inter-IIT’17 against IIT Kharagpur convincingly. There we thought that there is no turning back after this but unfortunately things always don’t go in your favour.

Tell us a little bit about your coach?

We have a splendid coach; he has represented Ranji from West Bengal. The best thing about him is he criticizes the team when needed and always remains positive about the team’s character. He is 60 years old but the enthusiasm for the game has been the same level as when he was playing.

Toughest team & bowler/ batsman your team has faced so far?

The toughest team would be Kamla Club, Kanpur when they had their half squad consisted of Ranji players but still, we used to give a good fight and win 50% of times. Toughest bowler I have faced so far was a left-arm orthodox since I always have a problem facing them, I don’t remember his name exactly.

Before the match, what’s the atmosphere like in the dressing room?

The atmosphere is calm and composed. The players are fired up before the match and are waiting to express themselves on the field.

What are your reasons behind India's loss of test series in England?

The reason behind India’s loss is two major reasons: Many people believe that loss occurred due to openers not providing the great start but if you observe all  the matches same was the case with the England openers but their middle-order or lower middle order always clicked but it was not the case in Indian Innings which consisted mainly of Ashwin and Pandya could not capitalise the old ball but openers surely  to be blamed. Bad Captaincy by Virat Kohli, he is no doubt the best batsman in the world at this time but his captaincy is still immature, In ODI’s he manages well due to Dhoni but in Test he takes random decisions, for example in second test the first day washed out due to rain and there were overcast conditions still he went on to play Kuldeep Yadav whereas not providing the second chance to Umesh Yadav who just  had played one game and could not do well. You need to have the confidence in your players.

As cricket is more of a mind game, how does your team maintain your composure on the ground?

My team maintains the composure by backing each other that is very important when playing a team game like cricket. The players are always determined for a comeback if they are not able to do well at any point in time in the game.

Which college is your biggest rival team and do you have any memorable moment against them?

The biggest rival team is IIT-Delhi. We do have a memorable moment against them when we defeated them in INTER-IIT’16 in the final in last over. The feeling was emotionless and the moment which will be always with me throughout my life.


Sanket Katore

Meddhansh Pratap Shahi

Monil Pokar

Rajeev Sharma

Kuldeep Yadav

Akshit Sharma

Abhishek Anand

Reithick Anbarasu

Aryan Singh

Keshav Soni

Ashish Kalyan

Gulshan Kataria

Yash Panchal

Santanu Poddar

Vivek Verma

Vipul Kohli

Yogesh Kumar Meena


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