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Shravanthika Lakshmi: ‘I want to officiate in one of the F1 events after I finish racing because I am more interested in the officiating sector’

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Meet Shravanthika Lakshmi, your typical motorsport-loving 16-year-old. She enjoys watching F1, racing for for Meco Motorsports team, with a dream of officiating F1 events in the future.

Almost every junior rider has got this thrill from their dad, here also the story is the same, Shravanthika father’s being a senior steward in motorsport, she used to accompany him to a karting event in Hyderabad and quickly became her passion that prompted her to pursue motorsport as a sport.


This 16-year-old go-karting racer has already won the accolade of being an Outstanding Women in Motorsports 2019 by The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India. She has also represented India in FIA World Motorsports Games 2019 in Vallelunga Circuit, Italy, Rome.

From all accounts, the CS Academy student is on the right track and with motor sports really taking off in the country, a new champion is on the horizon.





How did you get involved in racing?

My father being senior steward in motorsport, I accompanied him to a karting event in Hyderabad and after that I was inspired to race and started my carrier by completing 3 trainings from Meco Motorsports.


Who were your first motorsport heroes? What was significant about their achievements or character that you admired?

My motorsport heroes are my coaches who have been supporting me since the beginning of my carrier and they constantly guide me throughout the race weekend.



What are your most memorable moments from your races? Any ones that stand out that you remember like they were yesterday?

Recently I finished 4th out of 7 people after battling with various boys in the senior category. I fought really hard and I was able to understand my potential through that race.


Tell us about the first time you saw Formula 1 and what it felt like to get in your own kart.

The first time I saw Formula 1 was in 2016 but after I started racing, I will never miss a race because we get to learn and observe so many things from it. Racing with my own kart was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.


What was your first race and do you have any particular memories you’d like to share?

My first race was in 2018 and I was very happy to get into kart and share the grid with experienced people.


What important lessons have helped you progress up the motorsport ladder?

There are several important lessons thought by my coaches, parents and friends has helped me progress and I made sure I will finish every single race because you get to learn and experience more only if you complete rather than ending up crashing and having a DNF [Did not Finish].




If you could race in any series which one would it be?

I would love to do any Saloon Car racing series


What has been the proudest achievement of your racing career to-date?

According to me, the proudest moment in motorsport so far will be representing our country in World Motorsports Games which is popularly known as motorsport Olympics.


If you could team up with somebody, who would you like to team with?

I am currently very satisfied with the team Meco Motorsports and the drivers of the same team because they really support me a lot on track and off track.


What's a question you get asked a lot in school that you get tired of answering?

‘Are you a F1 racer?’ – This question is mostly asked by many people in our country because of lack of knowledge about motorsport compared to others.




What is left on your ‘bucket list’ in terms of cars to race or circuits to race on?

I want to officiate in one of the F1 events after I finish racing because I am more interested in the officiating sector and the reason I race after my passion is to know the nuances of the sport.


What are your future career goals?

To build a race track and promote motorsport in our country.





Besides racing, what’s your favourite sport?



Favourite TV series

F1 Drive to Survive


Most treasured possession?

FIA Motorsport Games – ID Card and other documents

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