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Kowsalya Sivasami:

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After debuting for Sethu FC in the Chennai League at the age of just 17, Kowsalya Sivasami has quickly developed a reputation as the club’s most exciting teenager.

Kowsalya, who just finished schooling this year, is a well-built center back that also possesses great comfortable ability on the ball. We hope Kowsalya features and rewards the coach with the faith she has showed in her. Based on the circumstances we asked her these set of questions to garner her own targets.




How old were you when you first started playing football and did you always want to be a defender?

I was about 12-years-old and I started playing football with my fellow senior’s team in Loyola Hr.Sec.School in Namakkal. I didn’t always want to be a defender, I just put in that position and seemed to be okay at it so I ended up staying there!


What persuaded you to try and make it as a professional footballer?

When I started playing the game, I was backed and supported by everyone, especially my family and my brother Balamurugan. I always gazed at the senior players of my school and country and I aspired to be a part of them.


What type of player is Kowsalya?

I am like a player who is very calm on the ball, genuine. I like to always play it out from the back, I am a very quick player, good with interception and clearance, who tries to approach on the field duels intelligently, I try to be a danger from dead ball situations and I also love scoring free-kicks and headers.


What was the women’s football scene like when you first started playing and did you face any adversity growing up as a girl wanting to play football?

It wasn’t a thing you really heard of when I was younger. I always played for the school team then played for the country, then from there I got into nationals camp. But at the time there wasn’t many girls clubs about. It so much bigger and better now!


How do you prepare for a big game?

I do the same for any game really, pack my bag the night before to make sure I don’t forget anything. Get up have pre-match, head to the ground, same things really for every game I don’t normally treat any game differently.


Tell us more about playing with the India U-14 and U-18 national team’s a few years ago, what did you gain from these experiences?

It was a fantastic experience, being able to represent your country at any age is a privilege and one I’m very grateful for. I was lucky enough to be a part of the U-18 AFC tournament and it was still a honour to represent the country in the tournament.


Where do you see yourself going from the end of this tournament?

This is my first season playing in the Indian Women’s League. The level of competition am expecting this season will help me to grow as player as I will be open to more challenges from more players. The inclusion of so many teams will actually give us a real experience of a league system in football which will make us more patient and professional in our approach to any tournament we face next.  


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