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Mukund Sasikumar -

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When did you start playing?

I started when I was three and a half year old because I was a hyperactive child!

Something that you truly believed in

Nothing actually, as I have my set of strong beliefs and my people believed me regardless of any circumstances.

One win that you are very proud of

Guwahati futures semis last week against Vishnuvardhan.

You are chosen to endorse a brand and choose the cast

If I could choose a brand, It would definitely be a sports apparel brand, featuring Sanam singh and Saketh Myneni alongside!

What would be your ultimate achievement?

Seeing my name on the list of top 100 ATP!

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

As a great person, who battled odds after odds and never gave up!

In what area of the game do you think you have to improve?

I think the physical aspect! Be more strong and fit, as it would be a plus for my game!

Your biggest inspiration

Prajnesh Gunnerwaran and Roger Federer are my biggest inspirations! I look up to them a lot!

What matters during 'Do or Die' situations?

Maintaining your calm is important throughout the performance especially during tough situations, as the stress might try to pull you down!

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Common roadblocks that stop people from achieving their dreams


Giving up too soon and not working on the right things. As a sportsperson focusing on improving the game, with your techniques is mandatory!

Idea of getting inked

Definitely! It will be my grandfather’s birth and death date.


My goal is to play Grand slam Qualification soon and being in the list of top 100 players.

Your predictions on 'Olympics TOKYO 2020'

I expect a medal from tennis! It’s been a long time since we won a medal in tennis. We definitely have the team to do it.

The one thing you will never do again

Break a racquet, because it is my harmless weapon you see!

Your message to India U-17 football team for FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017

Kick ass and prove we are a football nation!

One moment that you won't forget

I can never forget that priceless moment when my dad said, "Come what may, I will support you."

One person you would love to punish

If I'm given the authority to punish, I would punish rapists. Women should be respected, with no conditions attached.

One message to your opponents

Let us enjoy the sport and play for our own sake, and satisfaction.

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