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New Age brothers of Hockey finding their way back: Walmiki bros

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Hockey fans in India are no alien to the two very popular brothers from Mumbai who if not playing hockey together are perhaps, partying together.

The Walmiki brothers as they are known talked about hockey with FistoSports and spoke about their equation with the other off the field. The two may have very different opinions and approach towards life and sports, but one thing that binds them together is their shared passion and love for hockey. On a lighter side, we got to know that while Yuvraj is the lazier of the two, or by his own admission perhaps the laziest sports person, it’s the younger one- Devindar who you would find wide awake even at 3 a.m. in the morning.  

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What is the equation you share with your brother?


Yuvraj: Devindar and I are like Tom and Jerry. We are always fighting but those fights are limited to the field. I am his critic and want him to learn to his best potential. Once we are off it, he is my baby brother. We hang out and enjoy together just like how two friends would.


Devindar: A loving and caring elder brother at home, a tough mentor and a harsh critic on the field. How he balances these roles, not just for me but for other Hockey players in Mumbai as well is pretty amazing.


Had you been happier if your brother too would have been able to play the Olympics?


D: It would have been amazing. I wish that would have happened. Nonetheless, Yuvi had already represented India at the World Cup and he gave me all his experience which was obviously a massive help. Playing Olympics together would be icing on the cake.



Yuvraj Walmiki and Devindar Walmiki


As much as you are proud of your brother’s achievements, is there any sense of remorse considering your hard work and subsequent bad luck?


Y: I definitely feel bad when I see other players there and not me. If given a choice, if the federation, selectors, board or association come and ask me who of the two should be given a chance to play I will ask them to pick Devindar, without a doubt. In people’s eyes maybe Yuvraj is over today, but I would want my brother to get as many chances as he can to make it to the team again. Before me, take him! I can vouch for this. Devindar he is young blood and he is extremely passionate about hockey. Had he continued playing till now after the Olympics he definitely would have been the captain of the Indian team.


One good trait about your brother and one bad!


D: The most natural goal scorer I have seen. His ability to find the back of the net is simply amazing. Just give him the ball in the striking circle and you will get a result. He is however extremely injury prone which has resulted in his career being of a start stop nature. There is still time and I hope he finally has a good run of 2-3 seasons without injury.


One advice you would like to give your brother?


D: I would ask Devindar to be a good person first. Always be good to people and especially to those who’ve given you so much. If the hockey stick is of no use to you, give it to kids who will use it well. Life is all about giving, the more you give the more you live. And the more you get.  

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