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Aditi Chauhan's She Kicks Football Academy launches two online sports coaching and fitness programs

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Footballer Aditi Chauhan, who founded the She Kicks Football Academy in 2018, to provide a platform for female players to achieve their goals in professional football, announced two online sports coaching and fitness programs for boys and girls through an Instagram live on Sunday.

The online programs, which are designed by Aditi Chauhan, include Score from Home (for football aspirants) and Sweat It (for everyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle). Each of the sessions will be planned and conducted by trained professionals in the field and will be carried out through video conferencing tools. Chauhan will be closely monitoring both the programs to ensure that the best quality services are provided.

The batch for each of the programs will comprise of 15 individuals and WhatsApp groups will be created for regular feedback and for various important notifications and downloadable content to be shared. Feedback will be taken from the participants every week to ensure the quality of the programs. Both programs have no age limit. The sessions which will be one hour long will be organized on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Speaking on the programs, Aditi Chauhan, who is represented by India’s leading sports marketing firm Baseline Ventures said, "Maintaining fitness is crucial for everyone and therefore we have decided to organize two programs with one catering to individuals who want to learn the game of football and the other catering to participants who are looking to keep fit and healthy without concentrating on any specific sport. After my friends and family came to me for guidance regarding health and fitness, I realized that many people want to be aware of the ways of leading a sustainable long-term healthy lifestyle and therefore we decided to create the Sweat It program for one and all. We are very excited to help our participants stay active through fun activities and improve their knowledge of health and fitness."

Score from Home

The Score from Home program, which has been inspired by the Khelo India Games, has been created with a vision to provide a platform for young footballers to learn the game of football and go on to represent India in the future. The program is a holistic football coaching program that would help the participants to keep fit and improve their knowledge of the game. This program covers all the aspects that are important for a person to become a professional footballer.

The program will keep everyone engaged in developmental activities with an emphasis on a holistic approach for overall athlete development. The Score from Home program will mainly focus on helping young aspirants to continue to pursue their dream of becoming a professional football player without being deterred by the current health crisis. 

Aditi Chauhan will discuss various aspects of the life of a professional footballer where she will also suggest the pathway to progress in the current Indian Football set up during monthly interactive sessions. 

The topics covered in the Score from Home include practical sessions on football skills and technique, practical sessions on strength & conditioning program specifically for footballers, the importance of nutrition for footballers and theoretical classes by Aditi Chauhan on football which will help the participants understand the tactical side of the game much better so that the participants can react better in different match situations.

While interacting with various young footballers during her journey in football, Chauhan realized that the young football players lack basic knowledge of tactics and nutrition and therefore she is keen on helping many youngsters to gain the necessary awareness of important aspects at the start of their football journey and as a result, they will have a competitive edge over many other players later on in their careers.  

To track the improvement and development of the participants, assessment tests will be conducted at the beginning and end of the three-month program. After the completion of the program, all individuals will be provided with a Certificate of Completion from She Kicks FA.

Sweat It

The Sweat It program, which has been inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative Fit India Movement, is a health and fitness program that caters to all kinds of people to meet their fitness goals by not sticking to a specific sport. The participants can interact with experts from the health and fitness industry through their WhatsApp group. The content shared on the WhatsApp group will cover physio hacks, lifestyle management tips and tricks, and nutrition guidance. This program is not just an exercise-based program, it's a holistic program that covers all aspects related to adopting a healthy life. The Sweat It program will mainly focus on raising awareness about leading a sustainable long-term healthy lifestyle. 

The program which doesn't involve the use of any fitness equipment will broadly cover guidance on nutrition and various insights on a healthy diet plan, the psychological aspects of a healthy and active lifestyle, gaining strength and flexibility along with joint mobility routines, insights on how to attain a healthier lifestyle and various fun activities and challenges for the participants to carry out weekly.

The instructor of the Sweat It program will be open to modifying the routine a bit, according to the comforts of each individual.

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