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FINA Diving World Cup in Tokyo set to be called off over COVID-19 safety concerns

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The International Swimming Federation (FINA) appears set to cancel the upcoming Diving World Cup in Tokyo due to COVID-19 safety concerns.


Scheduled to run from April 18 to 23 at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, the World Cup is due to serve as both a qualifier and test event for this year’s Olympic Games in the Japanese capital.


FINA says the event is "under review", with an announcement to be made next week, but the BBC had earlier reported it had been postponed and Japanese media reports too said the event would be called off.


The venue is due to stage the swimming, diving and artistic swimming competitions at Tokyo 2020.


The BBC claims to have obtained a letter where FINA says the Japanese Government "did not take all the necessary measures to ensure successful and fair" competition and confirms the event has been called off.


"FINA sincerely regrets this situation," the letter reads.


"Despite all best efforts and understanding from FINA, the Executive was obliged to take this drastic decision."


It is also reported that some countries had informed FINA of their intention to pull out of the event and expressed their reluctance to travel to Japan.


The BBC reports FINA was unhappy with rising costs associated with coronavirus countermeasures, a three-day quarantine period ahead of the event and delays on several Japanese embassies issuing visas.

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