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Hockey India introduces Open Application & Registration system for Players

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Open application and registration process for players to ensure more transparency and accessibility to hockey players across the country 


Hockey India, which has utilized the Hockey India Member Unit Portal since September 2019 to manage all their important documentation, registration of players, player transfers, national championships, Hockey India Coaching Education Pathway, registration of coaches and technical officials, have introduced some new key features to the Hockey India Member Unit Portal. The Hockey India Member Unit Portal is a major step towards going paperless and making data easily accessible. All the activities carried out by all Hockey India Member Units are documented on the Portal.

Hockey India introduces an open application and registration process for players under various categories, similar to the open application and registration process for Coaches and Technical Officials. Any hockey player across the country can submit their application for further approval of Hockey India Registered Member Unit to register as a player through the below mentioned open link:-

Once a candidate submits one's application, he or she would need the approval of the concerned Hockey India registered Member Unit under which a player is submitting the application. Once the application is approved by the Hockey India Member Unit, the application would require the final approval of Hockey India prior to the confirmation of registration of a player. The open application and registration process will make the process of registration of players more transparent and accessible to every hockey player around the country.

Hockey India has further introduced a section for information about the hockey facilities available with various Member Units on the Portal. Each Member Unit would need to update the details of various types of Hockey Facilities available with each of them. 

Hockey India has also introduced a section on Disciplinary Actions. The details regarding the Disciplinary Actions could now be viewed by Hockey India Member units on the Portal.

"It's fantastic to see that the open application and registration system is being introduced for players as well. It'll be a tremendous boost for anybody and everybody, who wants to register as a hockey player in India. I am delighted to see the sections on hockey facilities and Disciplinary Actions being added to the Portal. Post the addition of the hockey facilities section, it will be very easy for us to gauge the standard of facilities available with each of the Member Units," said Mr. Gyanendro Ningombam, President, Hockey India.

The Hockey India Member Unit Portal has enabled Hockey India registered Member Units to shift from a manual system to a digitalized system for registration of players, coaches and technical officials, online application for Temporary and Permanent Player transfers, and managing documentation for National Championships including Team Entry form and submission of participation fee.


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