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Hockey India registered Technical Officials attend AHF Online Education Workshops for knowledge enhancement

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A total of eight AHF Online Education Workshops are being held across the month of June 2020 which aim to help the HI Technical Officials, Umpires, Umpire Managers in further gaining diverse knowledge.

In order to make use of the time during lock-down across various Asian countries including India, the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) on Friday and Saturday conducted the first set of online education workshops under the Development Through Distance 'AHF Online Education Workshops', to engage young and upcoming Technical Officials, Umpires, and Umpire Managers. A total of seven more workshops will be conducted throughout the month of June 2020, with Hockey India having nominated a maximum of six candidates for each of these education workshops.


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Aimed at providing technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of officiating and managing international matches and tournaments, these online education workshops will be conducted free of cost for participating candidates online through Microsoft Teams application. Each workshop will consist of a three to four hours' session including a break. These workshops will promote and focus on the use of new and existing technology, imbibing the required qualities, assigning and clarifying role & responsibilities, stating pre-tournament & pre-match processes to be followed, and communicating and working with teams. 


The first workshop, named the 'AHF Online Technical Official Workshop - Using the FIH TMS' was held on June 12 and 13, 2020, which saw six candidates from India take part, and was focused on the use of FIH TMS, and how to make the Technical Officials more familiar with TMS in order to promote the effective and efficient use of it during a match-day. The Asian Hockey Federation and Hockey India are committed to conducting more such workshops in the coming month of July 2020.



Speaking on the participation of its recommended candidates in the AHF Online Education Workshops, Mohd. Mushtaque Ahmad, President, Hockey India said, "It is a fantastic initiative by the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) to ensure that our young Technical Officials, Umpires and Umpire Managers, will be able to make use of their time effectively even from the comfort of their homes during such extraordinary times. I believe the AHF has always provided great support to all its member National Associations in improving the level of officiating and management, and these online education workshops will definitely prove to be another stepping stone for young and upcoming umpires and technical officials in establishing themselves at the international level."


Meanwhile, Mr. Tayyab Ikram, Chief Executive, Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) and Chairman FIH Development and Education Committee also commented on the occasion, "In such unprecedented times, the Asian Hockey Federation is pleased to announce the introduction of Development Through Distance 'AHF Online Education Workshops' which will include diverse workshops for all our member National Associations. It is our responsibility to keep working in the direction of making improvements across various aspects of the sport, and therefore we have invited candidates from across countries to be a part of these workshops, and improve their technical knowledge by learning from the best in the business."


At the end of the eight education workshops, participating candidates will receive a participation certificate which shall help them in the future FIH AHF Course Selection. 


Please find below details on the remaining seven AHF Online Education Workshops being conducted by AHF during the course of this month:


1. AHF Online Umpiring Workshop - What Makes A Good Umpire

Date: 15 & 17 June 2020


2. AHF Online Umpires Manager Workshop - The FIH Umpires Briefing

Date: 16 & 18 June  2020


3. AHF Online Technical Official Workshop - Roles & Responsibilities

Date: 18 & 19 June 2020


4. AHF Online Technical Official Workshop - Pre-tournament checks and preparation

Date: 22 & 23 June 2020


5. AHF Online Umpiring Workshop - Tournament and Match Preparation

Date: 25 & 26 June 2020


6. AHF Online Technical Official Workshop - Communication and Working with Teams

Date: 26 & 27 June 2020


7. AHF Online Umpiring Workshop - Umpiring Skills: Communication

Date: 30 June 2020

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