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  • May
  • 12

Indian Pencak Silat Federation holds Junior Nationals Online.

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Still with the restrictions being relaxed during the lockdown extended upto 17th May 2020, Indian Pencak Silat federation is planning to sprung back into action again and have been actively using the online platforms to host major meetings and online training regime for coaches and athletes as COVID-19 hampers movement.

We got success in this movement of Junior Online Nationals Pencak Silat championship  and got  over 195 submissions in the under-18 event in both boys & Girls, which is a great great achievement and got more submissions than Sub Juniors, shown that players are taking interest by their heart and souls . said M Iqbal, CEO-IPSF.



In the girls category, Disha Reddy  from Madhya Pradesh took the gold among girls,Vaishnavi Gorde  got silver and Krinakshi Kishor Yewale – Maharashtra & Princess A Thomas , Daman Diu both got 3rd place  while PUKHRAMBAM VICTOR MEETEI from Manipur reigned supreme among boys Rudra Nale from Maharashtra got silver and G- Kumar, Karnataka  & Hardik Kale, Madhya Pradesh got bronze medals  each , all the awardees were awarded with e-Certificates and with a cash tokento their bank accounts directly  of Rs 1111/ for Gold medalist  Rs 711/- for silver , Rs 511/- for each Bronze I & II respectively.  Actually, E-certificate and little cash award is a motivational things, which generates interest among the players and we in turn got maximum entries, which is good for us and for the sport.  We have not make this event for all the martial artist disciplines in general, but this is for Pencak Silat athletes only,  because  for each athletes , there should be a proper black dress, proper skills of the sport and if any player will perform with weapon, he or she must have approved weapon of the sport. Moreover, those athletes can participate who are duly registered with IPSF website, which is one time registration number and are issued to every athlete to joins Pencak Silat sport and every athletes should have the same, unless he cannot participate in any national or international championship, this is one of the clause in the Ministry of sports, GOI  guidelines laid down in the National Sports development code 2011 and every NSF must have to follow it. Because this clause of NSDC 2011 is simply to prevent from age fraud and proper domicile of the state/UT.

In the coming weeks after senior online nationals, IPSF is ready to conduct of some administrative skill . organizational behavior , role definition  of coaches, managers & state administrator’s, workshops s will be conducted online on webinar broadcast with professionals to enhance & rectify the individual roles in  states.  Said Mohammad Iqbal, CEO- IPSF,

To conduct such type of workshops for the first time , we will definitely  seek help in aid from Ministry of Sports as well as Sports Authority of India to make it big in collaboration with the esteemed departments, said M Iqbal, CEO-IPSF.

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