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List of IITs and its annual sports fest

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When it comes to IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) that combine sporting excellence with academic quality, India is home to some of the best institutions in the world.

Whether you’re a keen football player who wants to fine-tune your skills whilst studying a prestigious course at a top-notch institution or a straight-A student who’s excited about playing a variety of recreational sports, IITs offers everything and its annual sports fest is a testament to the enduring and extraordinary power of sports. Here is the complete list of all the IITs in the country and its annual sports festivals.

Sangram, IIT Roorkee

Sangram, the Annual Sports Festival of IIT Roorkee, brings together sportsmen from all around the country to a common ground to compete for victory and excellence in sports.

Sangram encompasses a wide range of sports from action filled athletics to strength driven powerlifting and peaceful yoga. The fest attracts an annual footfall of more than 1500 participants. Plethoras of events are hosted, accompanied by informal events like sports quiz, marathon. Sangram is the celebration of the union of mind, body and soul.


Infinito, IIT Patna 


Once a humble initiative, after just four editions, Infinito has already grown into the biggest and most awaited sports fest of Bihar. It is an endeavor to ensure that no talent goes unnoticed. Through Infinito, IIT Patnaa provide people a platform where they can not only display their skills but also learn and develop the qualities of a true sportsman.


Infinito is a three days fest and these three days see participation from colleges all over India. The sports festival compromises of several tournaments for a diverse array of sports like cricket, football, badminton, volleyball, track & field and even the likes of chess and e-sports in the recent editions. In addition to competitions, the sports fest provides a platform to various athletes and professionals to deliver guest lectures on important topics ranging from fitness to women empowerment in sport.



Aavhan, IIT Bombay

Aavhan, the annual sports fest of IIT Bombay, conceptualized first in 2017. Witnessing a football of 6000+, the event has seen a phenomenal rise since its inception. Home to a plethora of sports from cricket to football, and squash to water polo, several intense battles have been fought and heroes born here.  


Agrata, IIT Madras


Equipped with excellent facilities including an Olympic-standard swimming pool, a well-equipped gymnasium, the impressive IIT-Chemplast cricket ground, a vast stadium and a high-tech wood-floored multipurpose indoor stadium, IIT Madras has excellent sporting facilities in the campus.


In September, every year, the Institute hosts the Sports Fest – an intercollegiate meet for local colleges in tennis, volleyball, basketball, hockey, football, table tennis, weightlifting and badminton.


IIT Madras plays host to two major All India Inter Collegiate Tournaments for Boys and Girls, namely the GF&KR All India Invitational Basketball Tournament and the Jimmy George Tournament for Volleyball. The Sanmar Tournament for Cricket, where the Institute’s cricket team takes on other teams, is yet another prestigious event hosted by the Institute.


The Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the IITs. With over 3000 athletes participating from all 23 IITs, the event is the biggest and the oldest pan-IIT event. The Meet encompasses two colossal events: Aquatics Meet in October, and Main Meet in December.


Udghosh, IIT Kanpur

Udghosh aims to maintain high commitment levels and inspire talent with sports icons.  Presently in in its 18th edition, Udghosh, being the greatest college sports' festival of India, organizes enthralling sports competitions with participation from 400+ colleges from across India, along with marvellous entertaining events like comedy night, EDM night, Bollywood night, and various exhibitions.

Udghost offers a common platform for the students of numerous educational institutions from all over the country to exhibit and hone their skills in the sport arena. Hence, it attracts huge participation in every event under its banner from all over the country.The institute offers every facility that the festival demands. It has, in all four sprawling well-maintained grounds. This includes two cricket grounds (one of which is the central cricket stadium), one for football, and one for Hockey. Adjoining the central stadium from one side are the volley courts, and from the other, are the two basketball courts, complete with night-lights and seating facility. Badminton goes indoors in a compact stadium with two courts. Opposite the indoor badminton courts, is an up to date gymnasium in keeping with the fitness requirements of today's sportsmen. IIT Kanpur also houses a Tennis complex with four tennis courts equipped with central lighting.


Sporttech, IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi's Annual Sports Extravaganza Sportech is one of the largest sports festivals in the country with participation from colleges around the country offering an unparalleled competitive environment.

With participation of over 100 colleges from across the country, and an annual footfall of 30000, Sportech has set a benchmark for sports tournaments in the country. Impeccable organisation, coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure for all sports, has made Sportech an annual event in sports calendars across the nation. Along with competitions for all major sports, Sportech has several fun-filled informal events to boost friendly relations and sportsmanship. The fest is also committed to bringing positive changes in the society, which is why they are campaigning to give under-privileged children opportunities to play sports.


Spirit, IIT Guwahati

Spirit, The annual Sports Festival of IIT Guwahati. Spirit is the biggest Sports festival of North East India. SPIRIT is a great platform for college teams to exhibit their exceptional sporting spirit, and compete for glory.

The four-day premiere sporting carnival consist of 13 sporting events from cricket to weightlifting, and kho-kho to squash. SPIRIT is a great platform for college teams to exhibit their exceptional sporting spirit, and compete for glory.

The fest awaits the sporting prodigies to raise the bar once again. We are sure that the roller coaster moments during various events will enthral you with their palpitations, and unleash the spirit within you!


Aarohan, IIT Ropar

Aarohan is the annual sports fest of Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, one among the most reputed institutes in the country. Since its inception in 2016, Aarohan has unceasingly progressed each year.

Spread over a period of three days, Aarohan, IIT Ropar’s flagship sporting fest, is nothing short of a sporty pageant. Aarohan attracts a wide spectrum of the youth from all over the north India by providing excellent organisational infrastructure facilities and motivation to enable students achieve the zenith of their respective sports performances. Aarohan offers a platform for students from all over India to showcase their talent and compete with the best upcoming sportspersons in the country in a highly charged and competitive ambience with highly equipped sports facilities.


Abhyant, IIT Hyderabad

Abhyant, an initiative by IIT Hyderabad, is a one-of-a-kind sports festival aimed at making sports professional at college level. Abhyant offers a platform for students from all over India to showcase their talent and compete with the best upcoming sportspersons in the country in a highly charged and competitive ambience with highly equipped sports facilities. Having witnessed over thousands of participants and an impressive start and inaugural by in its third edition, the fest has provided students from different colleges and institutes an opportunity to participate and explore.


Asmita, IIT Allahabad

Asmita is the Annual Sports Fest of IIIT Allahabad. As one of the largest sports fests of India, it is a medium to promote sports and inculcate healthy sportsmanship in young minds in order to feed an arduous tomorrow.

Started in 2016, Asmita has made an exponential growth in a very short span of time. Held in the month of February, every year, Asmita attracts the sports enthusiasts of various colleges to come together and take part in this competitive event.

Ashvamedha, IIT Bhubaneswar

Sports is something that unites everyone irrespective of age, culture, language and other differences. Ashvamedha, the Sports Fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, intends to promote sports as a part of life, a competitive spirit, will power never to give up and to feel of comradery among the people.

Started in 2018, IIT Bhubaneswar organize an annual Inter-College Sports tournament along with engaging sports activities including but not limited to Quizzes, Inter-branch events and online events. With a team of highly motivated people, we are on a never-ending quest to push the boundaries and take Ashvamedha to greater heights. They are working tirelessly to make Ashvamedha one of the most coveted competitions not only in Bhubaneswar but the entire state of Odisha.


Spardha, IIT-BHU, Varanasi

Spardha is the annual Sports festival of IIT (BHU), Varanasi organised by the IIT gymkhana. With over 30 years in its span, Spardha has become the largest and one of the most awaited Sports fests of Northern India showcasing the athletic talent of the technical realm of India.

Spardha, as the name suggests, is a stunning display of sporting fervour and with 18 events flaunts the participation of over 1500+ participants every year from all over India including those from IITs, NITs and BITS. Over the years, Spardha has redefined qualities like hard work, persistence, self-confidence and determination. Spardha has always served as a unique platform and a turning point of life for many individuals of participating teams as well as the organising team. Core team, event coordinators have always maintained a healthy environment and vibrant atmosphere for all. At present, Spardha has 50+ sponsors and over 500 members and continuously expanding its horizon and extravagance.


Hallabol, IIT Gandhinagar

Hallabol, IIT Gandhinagar’s unique sports festival, is a call to all those who live, dream and breathe sports. It is 13 nights of unlimited fun, Hallabol is undoubtedly the most celebrated event in the institute. It is a day-night intra-institute annual sports festival aimed to facilitate overall interaction among the institute body. IITGN has always been supportive of sports and fitness as it helps in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Students must be allowed to choose the sport of their liking and capability, and must be given an equal chance to excel in it. Keeping this in mind, ample facilities have been provided to the students for practicing and attaining professionalism in their respective games.


Varchas, IIT Jodhpur

“Varchas” is the annual sports fest of IIT Jodhpur. Being the largest sports fest of Rajasthan, Varchas celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship and serves as a platform to showcase the countless hours of perspiration put in by the teams to achieve excellence in their sport.

Since its inception in 2011, the grandeur of Varchas has spread far and wide across the best colleges of India.


Rann-Neeti, IIT Mandi

Since the first batch of 97 students joined in July 2009, IIT Mandi has grown to currently host 125 faculty and over 1600 students who are enrolled in various programs of studies in undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes. 41,000 square meter (sqm) area has been fully constructed in the South campus, and 84,000 sqm stands constructed in the North campus of this fully residential institute. It has a guest house with 88 rooms, an 800-seater Auditorium, campus school, sports complex and hospital.

Rann-Neeti is a platform for budding sportsperson to showcase their talent on a grand scale. Throughout the event, students got to learn and grow while competing and polishing up their skills to grow as a sportsperson. The event was completely managed by the students with support from IIT Mandi.


Parakram, IIT Dhanbad

Eastern India's Largest Sports Festival, Parakram is the annual games and sports fest of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. Encouraging the spirit of sportsmanship amongst the students, IITD aim to provide the platform for all major games and sports. Their team puts their best effort to bring the rise in competition amongst students to embark you to the best experience of your lifetime.

They believe a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, thus bringing you to the grand festival of sports. It brings out the sporting spirit of the brilliant minds of the country and provides an ideal platform for all the sports enthusiasts to compete with each other.

A three-day festival, Parakram is as amazing as it sounds with a plethora of sports events and jaw-dropping cash prizes.


Shaurya, IIT Kharagpur

Shaurya was the annual inter-collegiate sports fest of IIT Kharagpur, which was held over a span of three days, typically in the month of October. It was started in the year 2008 with a vision of promoting sports culture, and providing a national platform for athletes and sportsmen. Shaurya witnessed four editions, in the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. The last edition witnessed the presence of some of India's eminent sports personalities like Deepika Kumari, Joydeep Karmakar, Subrata Bhattacharya and Charles Borromeo.



LAKSHYA is IIT Indore's first Annual Sports Fest and assuring everyone that it is going to outshine all the previous sports events held in the institute.

LAKSHYA is designed to cater for the appetites of sports fanatics. It consists of multiple online events such as Fitness Challenges, Sports events, Yoga and many other exciting events. It offers a wonderful platform where participants from different parts of the country get a chance to interact, enhance and demonstrate their sporting skills and creativity, personality and talents. The 3-day festival gives students any guest an exhilarating experience, ranging from challenging competitions to sit-back-and-relax entertainment shows. In addition to these, there will be fitness and nutrition talks by the experts in the respective field, Interactive Sessions with the Sports Personalities of India and more exciting informal events.

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