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Mohmiss Ismail: ‘The road ahead is tough, but I am ready to battle it out’

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Fast&Up athlete Mohmiss Ismail is one of a crop of current young cycling talents to have recently emerged from Jammu & Kashmir and with multiple titles in 2022 he's ready to continue the upward trajectory.


Many find the sport by accident, and the passion starts with them. The journey for Mohmiss Ismail started entirely by accident when he was just a young boy.


“Jammu & Kashmir was always a cycling supporting state and we have always seen senior players flourish at our place from whom I got a lot of inspiration and the will to play seriously grew even more.”


“It started to develop really well and I started to get better, I was on the podium at the Sub Junior National Road Cycling Championships and School Games and winning races at an under-16 level so it kind of came up and up.”


“When I was a junior, out of the two disciplines I was better at roads. I have tried ‘cross and then did road, and then ‘cross and road, but I was better at the road so I naturally steered more that way.”



‘Finding your role’




On being asked about his personal strengths, in terms of your riding ability? He said:


“I have quite good power over quite a long time so naturally I think climbing (long-distance) is quite good for me. I have struggled with that quite a lot. I suppose you’re naturally trying to find your role in cycling as a sport, like, as in where you will fit in well, but I guess you don’t know that until you’re at a higher level, but yeah I guess climbing, time trialling, that kind of stuff.”


Mohmiss began the year with a strong finish, claiming gold in the 3rd UT level Cycling Championship in March. He wasted little time in putting together another excellent run to win Pangsau Pass Challenge 2022, a National Level Road Bicycle Championship Race held in eastern Arunachal Pradesh.


Pinpointing a highlight of his journey, which included many hundreds of medals, however, a standout moment for Mohmiss was the moment when he won gold in the 25th Senior Road Cycling Championship held in Mumbai 2021.


On being asked how he takes care of his improvements in training, fitness, and nutrition, he heaped praise on Fast&Up proteins and supplements and how it helps him to train effectively.


“Fast&Up helps me support my overall health and tastes good. It has all combined quite well, all the nutrition and training, it all just boosts everything to the high level and racing at that high level it just keeps me motivating and that’s how I am getting better I guess.”



Battling the elements



When asked about difficulties he faced in his cycling career, the 23-year-old said:


“To get to the point where I am right now, there was a lot of sacrifice. I was almost at the point where I had no financial support and no proper guidance. My parents faced difficulties funding me to go outside of the state to take part in an event.”


Despite the recent surge in cycling there is still a lot to do, and one of the biggest frustrations for him is:


“The lack of financial support for our sport is unbelievable. People don’t realise if you don’t have a good sponsorship it will be tough to make it to the top, particularly in an obscure sport like cycling.”



Ready for the road ahead




The youngster has a dream, and that is to represent the country in the Olympics but he also stressed that achieving that target would be impossible being not able which will allow him to train and compete.


“I have been training very hard and without any technical coaching for years.”


While speaking about his goals for 2022 and priorities on the road, he said:


“At the moment, I am hoping to ride a big road programme but there aren’t many opportunities between now and for that level of racing. So, I have to try to take every one I can, pretty much; that is really important, you know, it is a long plan, not a short one. The road ahead is tough, but I am ready to battle it out. I am sure that will be the aim for the year, but hopefully, I will have some good performances.”

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