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People across India from various fields gear up for TCS World 10K Bengaluru

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The 13th edition of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru will be held in an app-enabled Avatar this year, thus providing an opportunity for enthusiasts from across the globe to participate.


Although lives have turned topsy-turvy due to the covid pandemic situations, the human kind have left no stones unturned to overcome the challenges and adapt the new normal. One such great example is TCSW10K App, which will help passionate runners from different regions to unite and celebrate the run together from their backyard. 


Dr Ganesh Pujari, who is a covid warrior from Bangalore, feels this year's format (virtual) of the TCS World 10K is a welcome move in such tough times as it helps people participate from wherever they are.


"I think it's a very good initiative, and it will definitely help more and more people evaluate their fitness level or training. I honestly take these marathons as evaluation and assessment of the training that I undergo. You see after any course or training you give an exam, so similarly I am taking this event as my examination. And, with every marathon, you tend to improve. Another aspect of such virtual races is, you can participate in it from whichever corner of the country you are staying, so logistic is something which cuts off. So, I feel it's a very welcome change for all the athletes and runners. Of course, the are cons to it, you miss out on that actual marathon wherein you are running with 2000-3000 people", said Dr Pujari. 


Som Nath Ruia, sales manager from Mumbai's Mira Bhayandar, says that lockdown has helped him become a regular runner, and he has been participating in all the virtual running events happening in India. 


"I have been running since very long, but I was not a regular runner because being in the sales profession, my schedule was such that I was kind on and off from running. But, during the lockdown, I consistently started running since April and been participating in various virtual marathons", said Mumbai-based runner.


On being asked about how excited he is ahead of his first-ever TCS World 10K run, Ruia said, "Frankly speaking, I have met with an accident. I have got a cut just above my right ankle, but nothing to worry about because the doctor said that, I'll recover by 23rd or 24th. So, hopefully, I will complete my run in the remaining days of the event. It's okay if I'll take more time to finish, let's say 80-90 minutes, but I will finish it. So, I am eager to go out and run the race".


Ruby Rakesh, a mother and a homemaker from Panvel, Maharashtra, is also geared up for her yet another marathon race.  


When quizzed about what inspired her to start running and keep taking part in such running events, Ruby said, "From my family, I am the first person who tried running, and all such fitness stuff. It began from normal walking, once in a week going to the park with my kid. Then, I gradually started participating in 5K run every alternative week, so from there I started running 10K events, and other major marathons. I don't have any particular goal or something, it's just I run to keep myself fit and fine".


The race will be held between 20th December to 27th December.

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