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Sunil Chhetri helps fan get Netflix subscription, promises signed jersey

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Sunil Chhetri has helped a fan get free subscription of the popular streaming platform Netflix and a personally signed jersey after the latter requested the Indian football team captain and star striker to share his user ID and password.

Chhetri had posted a screenshot on Twitter of a message he received on Facebook and wrote, “Jersey X (No) Autograph on a picture X (No) Reply to the post X (No) Video wishing the neighbour’s son’s pet dog X (No). Here’s someone who has priorities straight and it’s really making me want to consider the demand.”

Netflix India’s Twitter handle took note of this message from Chhetri and they replied: “While we on that topic, could we also get your autograph on a picture?”

Chhetri then proposed a barter deal asking for a two-month free subscription for the fan in return for an autographed jersey from him.


Sunil Chhetri @chetrisunil11

Sounds great guys, now that we've got this figured out

Subscription for the kid ✅
Shirt for the kid ✅
Shirt for you guys ✅ 

Netflix India @NetflixIndia

How about we send him both the jersey and a subscription card? Let’s make his day.
Slide tackling into your DMs so we can figure out how to do this. 

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His post read: “In the true spirit of a barter, how about you guys hand the kid a two—month subscription and I will send a signed shirt and a picture your way? Do we have a deal?”


In reply, Netflix India’s Twitter handle posted: “How about we send him both the jersey and a subscription card? Let’s make his day.”


To this, the Bengaluru FC skipper replied: “Sounds great guys, now that we’ve got this figured out. Subscription for the kid, Shirt for the kid, Shirt for you guys.”


Chhetri later added that he is set to field questions to 10 questions to as many friends across the field on his Instagram page.

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