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#WCHOregon22 : Medals for Oregon22 World Athletics Championships unveiled; featuring a nod to nature and to Oregon

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The medals for the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Ore., have just been revealed and said to deviated from its traditional makeup by being made of Corian, which has been inlaid with a metal, to allow the design to have a finely detailed carving.

According to World Athletics, the medals are inspired by the cross-section of a tree and are complete with seven rings to represent the seven regions of Oregon, with the logo of the 2022 World Championships in the middle. The other side of the medal features marble landscapes and white Art Deco façades of the great public buildings in the U.S., including Oregon’s state capitol. The outer edge of each medal also is textured to feel like tree bark.

The logo of the competition is also in the centre of the medal.

The other side has seven full rings, to represent Oregon’s regions, in addition to it paying homage to Oregon Tapestry, which is also shown on the ribbon.

Instant medals have been introduced for the first time in track and field where each medallist will receive their respected colour immediately after their finals.


This is designed to give athletes the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments in the moment and to share it with their family and friends.


Full medal ceremonies with national anthems are planned to take place after.


Medals are set to be claimed in 49 event disciplines and on every day of the multi-sport competition.


The Championships is set to conclude on July 24.

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