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What If Monolith pops up in India? ft. Desi sports version

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While the monolith mania continues to grip nations around the world, we are making our own guesses as to what if the metal structure appears in India?

With all the hoopla surrounding the mysterious monoliths, it is hard not to be thinking of desi version, that too sprinkling some Indian sporting scenario to it at the moment. That is a completely logical think to theorise, right? 

Alien invasions and conspiracy theories not only make a great read but are also great conversation starters. Imagine a little far away in the country where the mysterious monolith could swap places with Indian sports. Now, how epic would that be?

What better way for Indian sport fans to waiting for the blink-and-miss shiny metallic monoliths than to have a glimpse of our unique imagining of exactly that – what would happen if monoliths were found in India.

Excited to find out? Scroll on down!



Only Legends can use Monolith as stumps.





Shoes, slippers, rocks, cycles...we have used anything and everything as a goal post. What's monolith?




When the only thing between you and a lifetime of paralysis is your turned knee, a monolith and some sticky rosin, it really doesn't matter.



Hitting new heights




Leaping into oblivion on purpose




Remember those incidents from our childhood where someone sitting around the boundary line would keep a note on the scoreboard so their team won't be cheated?





Name a better love story than childhood and hide-and-seek! Heritage!



Who doesn’t love a game of carromOld games may be forgotten. New games will be invented. But the charm of carrom will never wear off. 


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