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Powerlifter Dinesh Kumar: ‘My aim is to get placed at least once in National level’

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Interview with powerlifter Dinesh Kumar, who is aiming to make his mark at least once in the nationals’ scene.

Dinesh Kumar is a 20-year-old powerlifter from Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy who is looking to enter the national scenes in the near future. It was not really difficult for Dinesh to pursue an interest for powerlifting as his coach Thavamani Loganathan, a former 4-times national-medal winning in weightlifting and owner of Logu fitness gym, in Trichy, offered him enough motivation to take up the sport and made sure he excelled in it.

Talking about his own experiences with this sport, Dinesh tells us that he began powerlifting in his first semester. He participated in his first meet after a year, which is the typical incubation period for a new recruit, he burned 5 kgs in two days that made him restless for days as he didn’t perform well in that competition. He recalls that he didn’t pass any of the three calls in Bench Press and all the hard training he had done for the four months went in vain. But that didn’t stop him from having a go again. In the next completion, he ‘wonderfully’ burned body weight and contested again in the 53 kgs category and won first in district level and was awarded as the STRONGMAN of Trichy and also secured second place at state level meet.

When questioned whether he would pursue powerlifting professionally, he said that he intends to practice powerlifting as a hobby, as it would not be feasible to put in the hours required for professional competitions. He won a silver medal in his category at State level powerlifting competition held at Yercaud in March 2018. He is practising harder and aiming higher this year. His college team have won the overall championship in Bharathidasan university meet in 2018. Apart from powerlifting, he has his interest in travelling and playing other games like Cricket and Basketball. Hit the gym. Keep a few hours for studies daily,” is his mantra for managing time and balancing academics.


What do you like best about powerlifting and why?


It makes me fit and feel strong. Gives me the confidence to face any situations in practical life.


What do you want to be in the future?


Actually, I want to be a software developer. But I’m doing it because I like to do.


Any tough moments (setbacks, rejections, injuries, basically anything difficult that you have had to overcome) or was it all just plain sailing?


I wasn’t able to get a place in my first district-level competition because our team planned for the overall trophy. I need to compete in the 53 kg category so I need to burn nearly 5 kgs of my body weight. And I burned 5 kgs within 2 days that made me so tired and restless so I was unable to perform well in that competition, I didn’t pass any of the three calls in Bench Press so I was rejected. The pain was real and those hard training I did for 4 months was of no use. And I didn’t get back from this and for the next completions I wonderfully burned body weight and contested again in the 53 kgs category and won 1st in district level and was awarded as the STRONGMAN of Trichy and also placed second in the state-level meet.


What is your favourite lift – squat or bench press or deadlift or all three?


Squat and Deadlift are favourite.





Who do you look up to in the fitness industry as a role model and why?


No one, but I do watch my seniors who lift better than me and I learn from them.


Who do you think is the greatest lifter of all time?


My Coach – a good lifter and great human being ever.


How many meets do you compete in each year? And which one is the toughest?


I compete in minimum 5 meets a year and the toughest one is Senior State level Powerlifting meet.


What are your biggest/ Best Personal Record's – squat, bench press, deadlift and total numbers right now?


I’m competing in the 59kg category and my Best personal Records are Squat: 190kgs Bench press: 80kgs Deadlift: 192.5kgs Total: 462.5kgs



What has been the most favourite moment so far in your powerlifting career?


I was awarded as the “STRONGMAN OF TRICHY” for performing as the best lifter of that district-level meets. While awarding the audience and my friends erupted with happiness and applauded for me… that was the best and favourite moment ever.


List down your achievement so far in the powerlifting?

1) 2nd place in District level WEIGHTLIFTING competition held at Trichy on 19-02-2017.  

2) Participated in State level POWERLIFTING competition held at Udumalai from 06-05-2017 to 07-05-2017.

3) Participated in District level POWERLIFTING competition held at Srirangam on 26-06-2017.  

4) Participated in both WEIGHTLIFTING and POWERLIFTING competition conducted by Bharathidasan University on 19-09-2018 at Nehru Memorial college and got 2nd place. 

5) Got 2nd place in State level POWERLIFTING competition held at Yercaud on 21-04-2018 and 22-04-2018.  

6) Placed 1st in District level POWERLIFTING competition held at Subramaniyapuram on  24-06-2018 And was awarded as the STRONGMAN of Trichy.


And away from powerlifting what types of things would you do with your powerlifting friends?


Travelling, chatting and playing other games like Cricket, Basketball.


How has powerlifting made you a stronger person away from the sport?


As everyone says “Sports give disciple” it also gave me the patience to handle tougher situations.


What are your goals and when is your next meet?


Powerlifting is my passion and I need to be placed at least once in National level. Next meet is by the end of January (South India meet).  

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