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PAANY! - Water Filter Bottle


Product Description

PAANY! Water filter is more than just a filter. It is a technology-based on high-tech hollow fiber membranes that filter out undrinkable water. Specifically in India, the availability of safe drinking water is a concern. With our filter technology, we offer a fast and easy way to the general public to have access to clean and bacteria-free water.

I have been using PAANY! water bottle for about a month. I want to share a few things about what I like about it. The bottle is very easy to carry and convenient also that will keep you going all day long. But what fascinates me is the idea that you can fill water from anywhere - be it tap water, pond and etc. When you drink, it tastes normal, which makes PAANY! easy for all. Particularly sports people can get enough water flow within a short time and run back to the game. I also like the filter dust proof ability. It's a light-weight material and very foldable with a good grip. I can carry it everywhere from practice session to tournaments. It's been very helpful and I'd personally recommend it to all the athletes and travellers to give it a try.


-Villasini Sundar-

- International Surfer-

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