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Rabichandra Moirangthem: “Hockey isn’t as big as cricket or football but my love for the game is eternal”

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Rabichandra Moirangthem is an exciting young hockey prospect who excels in the midfield besides hustling forward or rushing back in defence whenever needed.


Encouraged to take up the sport by his brother, Moirangthem started playing hockey at the age of seven, the Manipur boy displayed promise from a young age. Since then, there has been no looking back and he has only kept building his upward trajectory.





The 18-year-old from Diligent Public School has represented the country in many tournaments and won laurels too, including winning the 2016 U-18 Asia Cup gold, U-23 5-Nation tournament bronze, and Johnor Cup bronze in 2017 followed by silver in 2018.


He was also part of the Indian team which won silver medal at the 3rd Youth Olympic Games 2018 held at the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.


The youngster talks to us about how his journey so far – who he admires in hockey, his playing style and what he hopes to achieve in the future and more.



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Cricket and football are probably the most popular in India. Tell us how you got started hockey how old you were and who introduced to the sport?


I always believe, you can’t choose a sport as a career. You start because you enjoy it and somewhere down the road it becomes a passion and one sticks to it. It just happens.


For me, it was my elder brother, who is also a hockey player and currently working with Central Railways, Nagpur. He used to go to the stadium, and go to tournaments and I regularly followed him. So, I got introduced to the sport because of him long years back. That’s how my hockey journey started.


And it’s a sad truth that hockey isn’t as big as cricket or football but as they say, love always wins, my love/passion for the game pulled through. I play this sport with eternal passion and joy since I was a kid.


As a young hockey player who were some of people that you looked up for guidance Who were the people, you would speak with to get better hockey? 


I have been very lucky to be surrounded by some great people who understand that ups and downs are a part of my journey. My parents, my younger brother and coaches are always there for me. I’m surrounded by a close circle of friends who stand by me through thick and thin.


In terms of guidance, I have looked up to watching senior players who allowed me to blend with some of the best players in the country.





Describe your hometown and what were some of your experience growing up?


Moirang is my hometown which around 50 km far from Imphal city and this is my favourite place. For me, it's beautiful to look back as kids we were excited to play the sports we love and get a unique experience that not many have had and the supportive community essence to it that was wonderful.



Are you good in your studies as well? If yes how do you able to manage sport and studies? 


I’m good in academics also. Yes, of course, I won’t be able to spend much time for it, I just study two weeks prior the exam and manage to get good grades with it.



When you are in a changing room prior to the match do you like to listen to music and at this moment what music would this normally be 


Yes, I love listening to music, especially hip-hop/rap. It makes me euphoric and it also gives 'the calm before the storm' vibes.



During the match if the opponent is ahead of you in goal. What is your approach – try and approach the game as fast, calm or take risky route to be ultra-aggressive? 


I think it depends on the game situation as hockey is purely a team game. If the game is about to finish, I would take the risky route and up my ante to some extent to get a positive result out of the match.






What would be your celebratory meal after scoring a goal?  


A cup of coffee.


There a lot of rivalries in hockey team be it college or state do you have one share any memorable experience?


Not many during school or college days, but I losing in Youth Olympic Games final and Johor Cup final was some learning experience. It was great to play with the team and learn so much from all different cultures all over the world.


To this point what’s been your best moment of favourite moment in hockey what are the moments that your proud of? 


Winning the U-18 Asia Cup was a fantastic experience, obviously winning was a great fun but considering the fact that was my first international tournament makes it sweeter and proudest moment in my nascent career so far.


What are your future plans as far as hockey goes do you hope to continue in training through college year and beyond?


Every player’s hope or maybe goal is to at least once play in big matches like Olympics and Asian Games because dreams never lie so what my hopes are and I will surely like to achieve these levels in Hockey.

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