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Rahul Shankar: “I prefer to let my racquet do the talking”

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The Indian Tennis player dreams to be the best tennis player the world has ever seen. His first match for India was the International tournament held at Bangladesh in 2014. His greatest failure was when he was on a losing streak and his academics was also getting very tough. He simultaneously worked hard enough to balance it and started getting better. One match you are proud of

A win that I am proud of would be my first ITF win in New Zealand where I had lost the first set 2-6 but eventually I won the match.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of another athlete

I would love to wake up in Gael Monfils' body as I am a huge fan of his athleticism and that's something I would love to have.

One habit that you want to break or you have broken?

One habit that I have broken would be sleeping late.

What drives you to go for training every day?

My dream of fulfilling my goals drives me to get up and go for training every day.

Any rituals you follow

I like to listen to music before I get on court as it helps me to boost up my mind. Music helps me to forget all other thoughts and helps me in focusing.

One skill you want to master

One skill I would love to master would be to play the guitar.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

It would mean the world to me because then I would have truly achieved something and that pride of representing the country would make me the happiest person in the world

Your ultimate achievement

My ultimate achievement would be to play Davis cup for my country.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

I would like to be known as the quick athletic tennis player.

Area of your game you need to improve?

I feel I will have to improve in keeping the intensity up for a very long period of time during a match.

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Initial hurdles you faced

The initial hurdles I faced were balancing with my studies and tennis at the same time. I found it very hard to focus on both simultaneously but I eventually got used to it.

Perks of being an athlete

We are self-reliant and are used to handling immense pressure.

Your first match for India

I played my first international tournament at Bangladesh in 2014. It was a very exciting experience for me and I enjoyed it a lot.

Best sports movie ever

Rocky Balboa as it shows us what kind of effort needs to be put in and that there will be a lot of hurdles. It was very inspirational.

Your Goals

My Short-term goal would be to get my first ATP point and my long-term goal would be to represent my country.

Scariest experience you have ever had?

Scariest experience I have had would be when I got chased by an elephant in Kenya.

Your most Embarrassing moment

Falling face flat into wet mud while trying to run away from an elephant which was chasing me

“Work hard every day and give 100%”

One super power you wish you had

I wish I had the ability to read people's mind.

Greatest Indian athlete of all time

I think Pankaj Advani would be the greatest Indian athlete of all time. He is the only person in the world to win numerous world titles in both billiards and snooker.

What type of music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of rock and heavy metal. But I also enjoy a bit of pop and electronic music.

Your biggest inspiration

My coaches would be my biggest inspiration of all time.

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