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RASHMIKA RAJAN: “It never gets easier, you just get better”

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Rashmika Rajan, daughter of the renowned Indian Basket ball player R.Rajan. He is the first man in Indian History to have ever dunked, she considers her father to be the greatest athlete of all time. Just like her dad,  Rashmika paved way for her success through her hard work. She is one of the 8 Indian Probable’s for the U-14 World Juniors, Asia Oceanic Qualifiers held in 2014.  Bagged gold at the Inter State Nationals held in Bangalore in 2017. She has been ranked as 26th in the Nationals in U-18 AITA & as 750  her world ranking in the ITF Juniors.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

"If you believe in yourself you can achieve the greatest of heights" these words were said by my father, R.Rajan former Indian basketball Player.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of another athlete, who would it be?

It would be Denis Shapovalov and I would go on to train to be the upcoming World No.1

What drives you to go for training every day?

Every morning I wake up thinking about my dream, which consisted of me playing at my favourite Grand Slam "French Open" and winning the French Open singles title which drives me to get up and go train every day.

One match that you are very proud of?

There is no particular win that I am proud off as I am proud of every win that I have in my career.

Lamest excuse you have ever given to your teacher?

I have never really given an excuse in my life before as in school and college my teachers have been very supportive of my sport.

Who is Your Personal Hero?

My parents are my personal heroes as without them I wouldn't be who I am today. They were there for me for all the up’s and down’s in my life.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

Ever since I began my career in tennis back in 2008, it has been my dream to represent India. So to represent India would be an honour and the most happiest and proudest moment in my life.

Your ultimate achievement?

My ultimate achievement would be to reach the top 5 in the WTA singles and to represent India in TOKYO 2020 and all the other olympics and games that follow.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

10 years from now I would want to be known as the only Indian in tennis history to win all the four singles Grand Slams.

Area of your game you need to improve?

The only area I need to improve on is my tactical part of the game as I have very sound fundamentals.

PHOTO GALLERY [rev_slider alias="rashmika-rajan"]   Perks of being an athlete

Athletes are disciplined in everything we do. We are generally smart and we will be more organised and would be prepared for everything. We can tackle up the problems in a much better way.

Best sports movie ever?

Dangal is the best sports movie ever .

According to me, the movie depicts true dedication, discipline and hardwork. It also depicts the character of father's who really want their children to achieve and work day in and day out with them in order to help them achieve.

Your Goals

My short term goal is to be crowned U-18 singles Fenesta National Champion and also to break in to the top 5 in the u18 AITA section and to reach top 150 in the ITF juniors.

What’s on your bucket list?

1. To own a house in Malibu

2. To explore Phi Phi islands all on my own

3. To visit all the Disney theme parks in the world

4. To eat a tub of ice cream in a day

One super power you wish you had?

"Immortality" is the super power in wish I had as I would be able to live for generations to come and experience the different generations. I would use this power to fight all odds and make the world a better place.

Greatest Indian athlete of all time?

The greatest Indian athlete of all time according to me is my father, R.Rajan who is a former Indian Basketball Player. He has been a part of team India for 16 consecutive years and has been the captain of the Indian team for 5 consecutive years, under his captaincy India was able successful, he is also the first man in Indian History to have ever dunked. His achievements in the field of basketball rank him as one of the greatest Indian athletes of all time. My favourite athlete would be Novak Djokovic

“The belief I have in myself to achieve is what motivates me to succeed”

Your biggest inspiration

My parents are my biggest inspiration as they have been national and international basketball players and through their careers they have fought against many odds, listening to their experiences I have been greatly inspired

Do you hold any record?

Yes, I do hold a record in school for a 400m dash which I broke the record after more than 20 years

Your Favorite team and the team you hate?

Miami heat is my favourite team.

Hate is a strong word so I would rather say dislike and the team that I dislike is Chelsea.

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