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Shubhang Mishra, cricketer from St. Bede’s High School: “My parents and coaches have been my tower of strength”

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Shubhang Mishra, hailing from Chennai is still a school going kid but has carved a name for himself in the cricketing forum and it sure is making ripples that are hard for us to not notice.

Shunhang currently studying in St. Bede’s Anglo India Higher Secondary School, Chennai started swinging his bat when he was 10, he’s 18 now and still swinging hard; he doesn’t plan to stop anytime. With sheer determination and hard work, he was able to grind his way into the U-19 Tamil Nadu squad. Balancing books and swinging bats, he gives us a whip of his life on and off field.



Let’s start at the beginning – how old are you, where do you come from and how did you get into cricket?


I am 18 and I am from Uttar Pradesh. When I was young my father used to take me to play cricket and we played a lot. My interest for the game took its origin there.


Where and when did you begin your journey of cricket?


When I was 10 years old, I was interested in the game a lot and my father enrolled me into a summer camp in Ooty and it was thereafter that I started playing serious cricket.


How did your interest grow?


I made it into my school team in Ooty after which I started participating in a lot of tournaments. I really liked the feel of getting involved in the game at a competitive atmosphere and it burgeoned my passion for the game.


Who was your cricketing idol while growing up? Whose batting do you admire the most?


Growing up, I idolized Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid. Currently, I admire Aiden Markram’s batting a lot.



Who is your biggest supporter when it comes to cricket and how has your family/school played a role in your cricket career?


My parents and coaches have been my tower of strength. Our school supports us by all means and has encouraged us to live our dreams. They provide us with permissions and we participate in a lot of tournaments.


When did you get your first break?


I got my first break through when I was selected to play for the Egmore Excelsiorst team at the TNCA league; it was there that I ventured into professional cricket.


How was your experience of playing for Tamil Nadu?


It was extremely good. I got a feel of state matches and a deeper understanding as to what is required at that level and the things I need to work on.


What are your team expectations this year? Is there any important tournament that you should win?


We aimed at winning the JSK cup this year and I am glad that we won both the phases of JSK this year.


What about your studies? How do you balance them and cricket?


My father helps me with my academics. I miss a lot of classes at school and he teaches me everything at home.


Looking back at your early days, how did you think you evolved as a player and in what area do you feel you have improved the most? And what’s something you want to add to your game or get better at as you go into college studies?


I am currently playing for Purasaiwalkam CC and the constant input and support from my coaches there has helped me improve in all the departments and has evolved me into a better cricketer. Getting mentally stronger is something that I want to add to my game.


Which school is your biggest rival team and do you have any memorable moment against them?


In school cricket, Santhome HSS is our biggest rival. Winning the JSK final (Chennai Phase) against them was a memorable moment.



What are India’s chances in the 2019 Cricket World Cup? How far will they fare? Who will be crucial in the tournament?


I feel India has a great chance of winning the cup and the performance of our wrist spinners will be very crucial.


What have been your major highlights/achievements in cricket?


This year, I got selected for the U-19 state team which I consider as a stepping stone. I would like to progress from here and make it to the higher levels.


Dream time – what would you like the future to hold?


I want to have a long and successful career playing for India.


What you do to switch off from the game?


To switch off from the game, I see movies and read novels.




Your favorite shot in cricket: Cover Drive


If you could play any Marvel or DC character who would you want to play? Spider-Man


If you could play for any IPL team in the distant future, which team would you choose? Chennai Super Kings


Your favorite actor and actress: Vicky Kaushal and Alia Bhatt  



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