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Simranjit Singh -

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Are you a Predator or a Buddha?

I am definitely not a Buddha. According to me, the court is a war zone. I am a predator, I go to the court to SQUASH my opponent.

Any superstitious belief?

Being a Sportsperson, I have many superstitious beliefs. I think, in general, sports people like their things in the right places before the tournament. For me, it is the way I hold my racquet, my particular wristbands, my match clothes and my lucky kit bag.

One teacher you would like to have as your coach

I would like my KG teacher, Mrs.Idgunji to be my coach. She used to motivate me in everything I did. Not that I did a lot, but I did new things because of her encouragement.

One win that you are very proud of

During the selections for All India University in Pune, I had a gruelling 5 setter with the top-ranked player of another college, and I became the top seed of the University of Pune.

Something that you truly believed in

I'm not in the "believed" phase yet, I'm more in the "believing" part. I'm hoping and working hard to prove that I can do it, to those who think I can't.

Nicknames you love and hate

My name being Simranjit, my friends call me 'Simran'. It seems like a good nickname, but it sounds quite feminine.

You have a chance to play another sport

I admire golf. The game demands a lot of focus. The player has to be calm and composed. If I got a chance to play a sport other than Squash, it would be golf.

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How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

I want to be known as the first player from India to win the World Championship title.

In what area of the game do you think you have to improve?

The mental aspect of my game is not very strong. I am unable to handle pressure during a match. I need to improve the mental aspect of my game.

During 'Do or Die' situations

I think I need to 'Do' whatever it takes to 'Not to Die'.

What are the most common roadblocks athletes?

I think self-doubt is a very common barrier. Thinking what people might think of them, holds people back from achieving their dreams. Self-confidence is essential for success.

Your most prized possession?

My Squash Racquets are my most prized possessions. I cannot do without them.

The greatest influence in your life?

A friend of mine who lives in my building plays tennis at the international level. She used to tell me about how hard she works and her joy in her successes. This inspired me and I felt like playing a sport in which I could do the same. Eventually, I started playing Squash and fell in love with it.

Your goals

My short-term goals are to perform well in my academics, improve my Indian Junior Ranking, improve my game and perform better in the upcoming tournaments.

My long-term goal is to work hard and get into the top-ranked player's list. I also want be a world champion and an Olympic Gold medalist.

Your predictions on 'Olympics TOKYO 2020'

Squash is not yet an Olympic Sport, but I certainly think the Indian contingent will win many medals and make India proud.

What’s on your bucket list?

1. Becoming the best squash player.

2. Traveling around the world.

3. Becoming a photographer after I retire.

Your scariest experience?

My first match was my scariest experience. I was 16 years old. Everything was really new to me. I was afraid of what was going to happen.

Backbencher or a frontbencher.

That depends on the subject going on in the class.

The *facepalm* moment.

Once, I tried to deceive my opponent by moving my racquet in a particular style. Unfortunately, I ended up hitting the ball into the tin.

One message to your opponents.

SIMRANJIT. That's my name. Remember it. BEWARE!

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