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SUMEET PASSI: “I would imprint ‘mother’ in Hindi”

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Sumeet Passi started playing the game at a very young age and he always thanks his father who is a former railway player. He says that he is the man who motivated him to be a dedicated player. Represented India in the Senior National team. His coach told him to enjoy the game and give his best but he was still nervous to play. He scored his first goal in his first appearance.


Area of your game you need to improve?

I would like to improve in creating more goal scoring opportunities for my teammates and myself.

Initial hurdles you faced

In the initial stage, I had a difficulty in coping up with the game level of the existing national players but the coach and the team helped me in overcoming that difficulty by always motivating me.

Your first match for India

It was a match against Laos. I was very nervous before the game as it was my first match representing the senior national team, looking to it the coach told me to enjoy the game and give my best. That's how I went on to score my first goal in my first appearance.

Your Goals

My Short-term goal would be playing constantly for India and to make my country proud. I have not planned any long-term goals.

PHOTO GALLERY [rev_slider alias="sumeet"]   Describe your typical practice day be like a day before the match

The practice days before the match would be definitely of low intensity practices so that I do not push so much of energy.

Your success habits?

I believe in improving each and every day. I focus to be better on each day and give my best when I am on and off the field.

What drives you go for training every day?

My passion and determination drives me more and more over my love for football drives me to get up and go for training every day.

“believe in improving each and every day”

Any rituals you follow

I pray to God before and after the match. I believe that his blessings will help me do better in the match.

One match that you are proud of

One match that I am proud of is the Victory against Laos. Moreover I had scored a goal for our nation. So that match is always close to my heart.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

For me the feeling of representing my nation is unexplainable. Each time I play for my country I feel so proud and I always try and give my best from my part in the game.

Your ultimate achievement?

My ultimate achievement is to play for India and bag medals for our country.

One super power you wish you had

It would be invisibility. So that I can watch everyone secretly.

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