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Swaminathan, TN U-23 captain: “Cricket gives me the maturity to handle success and failure”

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There is no dearth of talent in Tamil Nadu cricket. One such familiar name in the state circuit is Swaminathan S, who is currently studying final year of MBA in SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai. He is also the captain of the current TN U-23 cricket team.

The right-handed batsman can also roll his arm over to bowl a few overs, He came into limelight after his emphatic performance in the U-19 Cooch Behar trophy where he scored 113 runs. Furthermore, he also bagged 7 wickets and is deemed as the next biggest name to lead the state in distant future.



In an interview with Fisto Sports, the all-rounder talks about his journey as a cricketer. He throws light on how staying positive is important as a cricketer and also talks about his early days, role model and experience of captaining for Tamil Nadu U-23 team and his hopes of playing the Ranji Trophy and more.




What got you started playing cricket and what were thre first memorable games that come to mind?


Rahul Dravid’s batting. U-14 District’s Game- scored 126* and hat-trick against Madurai.


What inspired you to choose cricket as your career? Who has been the person behind your accomplishments in the sport?


The way the sport has taught me to handle success and failure made me choose this as my career. I am very thankful for all of my family, but specifically my parents, who have always supported, pushed and guided me through sports and other hobbies. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.


What are the initial hurdles you faced while playing cricket and how did you tackle them?


Fitness. I had to reduce my weight in the initial stages and had to workout a lot for that.


What do you like best about Cricket and why?


Cricket teaches a lot of life lessons. One of the most important things is sportsmanship. This sport gives you the maturity to handle success and failure. When you perform well in a match, it gives you the thirst of performing well in the next and upcoming matches. We cannot settle for something in this game. We’ll have to keep working harder and harder each game.


Now, you’re studying final year in SRM, tell us little bit about your team this year and its expectations? Is there any important tournament that your team trying so hard to win?


We have a well-balanced team this year and we will try to win as many tournaments as possible. One important tournament we are looking forward is the All India University Tournament.


Who is your idol?


Rahul Dravid


Every cricketer looks to improve all the time. What is that one thing you would like to work on?


Being an all-rounder, it’s very important to balance between batting and bowling. So I always make sure that I don’t compromise on one for the other. So I keep improving both my batting and bowling accordingly.


Currently you are captaining U-23 Tamil Nadu team. How different is it compare to the school/college team. How did you take up this responsibility and did you feel any different or pressure from the management. What you have learned so far from it?


It’s always an honor to captain the state side. The level of cricket played here is tougher and competitive compared to the school/college level. The management is very supportive all the time and they don’t put much pressure on me be it anything.


Just assume, India playing against Australia in a T20 game, you’re captaining the Indian side, Australia need a 9-run to win the game in the last over, who will you choose as your ideal bowler?


Jasprit Bumra


How do you unwind after a grueling match or a tournament?


Sleep for around 8-9 hours and have good food.


Talking about reaching high, very few people make into International stage from the domestic circuit. Do you now feel you’re in a good place to capitalise on your chance?


There are quite good chance of playing Ranji Trophy. If I perform well in Ranji there are chances of playing International matches.


What’s your ultimate career goal?


To play for the nation.


What was the highlight/best memory of your cricket career?


U-19 Cooch Behar trophy – 113 runs and 7 wickets.






Best sports movie ever. Why? Chak de India- team spirit/good coach


Best cricketer of all time? Rahul Dravid


Choose one – Last ball win or last ball wicket? Last ball win


If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Any Paneer dish


What’s on your playing list right now? What music genres and which artists do you enjoy listening most: Life of Ram from 96. Melody. Yuvan Shankar Raja


If you could play any Marvel or DC character who would you want to play: Thor  


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