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Tanasha Khandpur -

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Your Fitness mantra

Fall seven times, Stand up eight.

When did you start playing Tennis?

At the age of 10, my parents enrolled me in a summer camp batch just for fun. That's where it started.

Are you a Predator or a Buddha?

I am definitely a Buddha on court. I like to be calm and play. It's funny because I am nowhere near a Buddha off court.

Any pre-match, post-match rituals you follow

Bowing down and touching the court before my match starts is my pre- match ritual. My mom taught me this that we should bow down and respect anything that helps you earn.

One match that you are very proud of

One win that I am very proud is when I secured the first position and became the captain of under 19 team (Maharashtra) for the School Nationals game. When I had won the match for the second position my mother was so happy that I made it, into the top 2. She didn't really bother If I lost the next match because being in the top 2 was such a huge deal for us. But when I won that match too, she couldn't contain herself. Therefore this win has to be one that I am most proud of.

The toughest punishment given to you by your coach

I have always been the good kid in the academy. My coaches call me Nandi bull (a very famous bull in India, known for disciplined nature) I always did whatever the coaches asked me to and therefore suffered no punishment.

Is sports a natural talent or a skill that is developed?

It's both to be honest. But it's sad to see so many talented people waste their time/energy because they didn't want to work hard. For me, I fall under the hardworking/ developing a skill category. I had a small proportion of talent, which I utilized by developing my skills as well!

Who had the greatest influence in your life?

I think my father, because he has seen so much in his life, and regardless of that he has come up and become the best. He taught me that the key to success is only hard work.


What is your most prized possession?

I am not into materialistic things. I remember once I had gone for a tournament in a different state and a few people recognized me, because of a newspaper article that had my mention and things like these are what I cherish. If you could get a tattoo, what would it be?

I have a couple of tattoos already. Not sure if I will be getting one anytime soon: but if it had to be one, then I was actually planning to get something related to tennis. Maybe a tennis ball or something like that, because tennis is a huge part of my life.

Best sports movie ever

Dangal was really inspiring. I loved that it broke the whole "GIRLS CANT PLAY SPORTS" mindset.


My short term goal is to recover fully from my dreadful slip disc injury. My long term goal is to be injury free. I know most of the people might want to know my future goal in my response, but to be honest these are my goals right now.

What’s on your bucket list?

I don't really have a list. I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING.

Who do you think knows you the best?

I think my small group of friends. Neha di, Monisha, Sagar, Deepak and Dalston. Hello! if you are reading this.

One unforgettable moment

When I got my first pet dog, Laila.

Who do you think is the greatest athlete of all time?

ROGER FEDERER. What can that man not do?

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