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Tanisha Kashyap : “I represented India on my special day”

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Her first match for India was in the World Juniors held in Thailand which fell on her birthday. Even though she was sick on that day she kept believing that she could grab the medal. Tanisha won the match in the third set and has added so many laurels in to her sports career. Bagged the Aurangabad Nationals under 14, won the Mumbai National 16 & the Road to Wimbledon. Ranked number 314 in the World & under 16 Nationals 2nd. Which animal best represents you and why?

I think the tiger represents me the most because a tiger is powerful and self-confident. A tiger is always curious about its surrounding and in some way or the other describes me. They are elegant and quite self-carried animals. They are hardworking and so am I.

Which is more logical to follow – your heart or your head?

I think it is more logical to listen to your head because when you are playing for a match your brain will tell you to keep calm and keep on working hard where as you heart will demand you to feel the pressure, so I think it is best if you listen to your brain at times like these situations. Like decision making in a match on where to hit the ball you should follow your brain. But in life decisions you should follow your heat like your passion, your likes and dislikes. Everyone in this world is unique and has different opinions.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of another athlete, who would it be?

I would wake up in the body of Roger Federer. He is such an incredible player and he strives and works hard. He is a living legend, I would want to live his life and become successful like him.

One habit that you want to break or you have broken?

One habit that I have broken is that I used to be a short-tempered person and I have broken it and now I am a very tranquil person.

What drives you to go for training every day?

Fitness. I love maintaining fitness and it just makes me feel more fresh and active.

Any rituals you follow

Before my match I usually meditate in a quiet and isolated place. It has become my daily ritual and I listen to songs to loosen up my body. After the match whether I lost or won I write down my experience in my diary.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

I feel proud to have represented India in world Juniors and it is a great feeling. You become more responsible as you carry the responsibility to represent your nation. It's a very special feeling.

Your ultimate achievement?

My ultimate achievement would be to win a grand slam.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

I would want to be known for winning grand slams and being world number one.

Do you hold any record?

Well I won the national gold medals in breast stroke 3 years in a row. That was when I was competing in swimming professionally. But then I had to choose between tennis or swimming I chose tennis.

Area of your game you need to improve?

I think I will have to improve in my touch game and maybe my slice.

Initial hurdles you faced

My initial hurdles were travelling since I was studying at Ras Tanurah Middle school, I used to travel back and forth from India to Ras Tanurah. So, I had to play tournaments selectively and I started winning almost all the tournaments that I travelled to. So now I'm based in Delhi, and travelling has become much convenient. Also, I'm enrolled in an online school so it has helped me so much.

Perks of being an athlete

By picking up a tennis racquet, I wasn’t preparing myself for being world number 1, I was preparing myself for life. We as athletes learn so much and it helps us in life, it makes things simpler. Being disciplined, committed and making sacrifices is all that matters. I love being an athlete. We as athletes grow and learn to become better human beings.

Lamest excuse you have ever given to your teacher?

I have never given any excuses. I love going to school and completing my work on time, I don't think I have given any excuse.

Your secret skills?

I can do a full split. I am very talented in swimming. I was actually the National gold medalist champion 3 years in a row. I can do a handstand.

Your Goals

My short-term goals are to win the Junior grand slams and represent India in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. My long-term goals are to win Grand Slams, WTA titles and become world number 1.


What’s on your bucket list?

1. Travel around the world.

2. Learn to juggle 6.

3. Travel into space.

4. Go hiking.

5. Visit an isolated island.

6. Vacation in Bali and Hawaii.

7. Own a golden Retriever

8. Buy a mansion

9. Buy the fastest car in the world Koenigsegg Agera R – 273 Mph.

10. Buy the Bugatti Veyron.

Your plans & preparations for TOKYO 2020

I am training and working hard. I have been setting goals and working hard towards them. I need to keep on working hard and stay disciplined and focused. Hard work, maintaining the fitness level and mental stability is the main thing for me.

One super power you wish you had

I wish I had the ability to teleport myself to anywhere I want. I sometimes wish I could travel back time or be somewhere instantly whenever I want.

“I never underestimate my opponents and I never underestimate my talent”

Greatest Indian athlete of all time?

I think Milkha Singh is the greatest athlete of all time. My favorite athlete would be Serena Williams because she is such a strong person and she truly inspires me. I love her attitude on court and the way she plays she is like an unleashed beast on court, but off court she is nice pleasant and sweet.

One message to your opponents

I never underestimate my opponents, but I never underestimate my talents. Watch out I'm coming for you.

Your biggest inspiration

My biggest Inspiration would be my dad because he has always been there for me and helped me through everything. He gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give, he believed in me.

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