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Vasavi Ganesan - "Excuses are not my thing"

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When did you start playing Tennis?

I started playing when I was 8 years old. Being born in a sports family I knew I had to definitely choose a sport. I wanted to do something for myself and so tennis was the right sport. And my sister who was also a great tennis player herself inspired me to take up the sport.

Are you a Predator or a Buddha?

Predator of course. I'm known for out-hitting the opponent because of my aggressive game. But I'm learning to play according to the opponent now and it shows a huge amount of difference.

Any superstitious belief

It's very important to have a positive mindset before a match. So after talking to my coach, I close my eyes with music on and try to win points according to the way I want to and I never see the finish line before crossing it. I wear the same rubber band and the same pair of socks for every single match during the tournament. If my mom is travelling with me, I ask her as well to wear the same set of clothes every day.

One teacher you would like to have as your coach

Muhammad Ali, because his words lifts me up when my world is shrinking.

One Match that you are very proud of

My 2013 Adidas nationals where I won the tournament, being an underdog. I played some unbelievable tennis throughout the week.

Lamest excuse

Honestly,excuses are not my thing.

The toughest punishment given to you by your coach

It was 37 degrees in Madrid (Where I train) and we usually take breaks in between sessions. When my coach saw me eating doritos during one of the breaks, he asked me to go get the sandwich that I left at home which was 4 Kilometers away.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

A sport like tennis, where you don't get to represent your country very often. It was indeed a beautiful feeling to represent India in the Fed cup.

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In what area of your game do you think you need to improve?

I really think I should improve my clay court strategy, because being an aggressive player it's hard to play on slow surfaces.

Is sports a natural talent or a skill that is developed?

I believe in the quote "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." Work hard to get what you want and you still don't get it, work harder!

Your first match for India

There's always a lot on one's shoulder when playing for one's country, but after I got on the court I knew how to beat the pressure.

Who had the greatest influence in your life?

My sister Ramita who is 21 though miles apart, knows how to motivate me. She taught me to chase my dreams every day.

What are the most common road blocks?

Common road blocks faced by Indian players include fundings , major injuries and relationships at a very young age.

Your ride

I am a big fan of Kylie. Her first car was the Range rover SV autobiography long wheelbase.

Funniest childhood memory

I was very fast as a one year old. My aunt had to chase me to feed me and she fell down and broke her arm one day. It is sad but I have to admit it was funny.

The greatest Indian athlete of all time

Leander Paes. My mom is a great friend of him and she used to tell me about the struggle he went through ,during his younger days.

One message to your opponents

You can beat me, but you have to bleed and sweat to do it.

Your biggest achievements so far

Youngest to be in the top 15 in women's.

Winner of the Adidas Junior nationals.

Silver medal in the Bhubaneshwar Asian tennis federation.

Qualified for the 10,000 dollars women's ITF tournament in Valladolid,Spain.

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