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Zeel Desai – India’s most promising tennis prospect who has already broken Sania Mirza’s records.

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When did you start to play tennis?

I started playing when I was 6 with dad in my house. He realized that I am good at it and joined me in regular tennis coaching class.

Predator or Buddha

I am mostly a Buddha on the court because I have to focus and keep believing in myself.

Any superstitious rituals before the game?

I believe in God and pray before every match. I also listen to music before the match starts and try to focus on the game plan which was discussed with me by my coach.

One teacher, you would like to have as your coach

I have the best coaches around me. So I do not want to change anything.  Still, my mom can be a good coach, because she travels with me and has so much knowledge on tennis.

One Win / lose that you are proud of

Hong Kong semifinals win is my proudest win so far because I was 2-5 down in the 3rd and final set and I came back to win it.

The toughest punishment you have received from your coach?

I was made to run 20 laps at 2PM during summer.

What does it mean to represent India?

To represent India would mean a lot to me. I would really be proud to represent India in 2018 Asian games, Commonwealth games and 2020 Tokyo Olympics

You have a chance to play another sport. Which one would it be?

It should be Badminton, my height is an advantage to me. And I’m sure I can do well in badminton as well.

Your Biggest achievement

My biggest achievement would be to win a Grand slam title. As of now, I have 12 Junior ITF titles, most by an Indian. Whereas, Sania Mirza had won 10. Reaching Australian open Quarterfinals (Junior category)

How do you want to be known in 10 years from now?

I want to be as famous as Sania Mirza. Want people to recognize me for all my achievements on the court.


Short Term and Long Term Goals.

Short term goals: I want to play in all the junior grand slams this year

Long-term: To play in Grand slams and Olympics and win them all.

Scariest Experiences

It has to be ‘Parachute Drop’ in Hong Kong. They say it’s a fun ride, but trust me, it’s the scariest.

Superpower I would love to have

One Superpower through which I can read people’s mind. And it should come with a Power switch to turn it off whenever I want.

Subject you like the most and the one you hate the most

I like English and I hate maths.

One thing you want to do with your teammates

Get stranded on a deserted island with all my teammates. I’m sure we will all have a blast.

Is Sport a Natural talent or a Skill that is developed?

You need both to progress as a professional player. It has to be a balance between the both.

What’s On your bucket list?

Win all the grand slams, Travel to Mauritius, Meet Sachin Tendulkar, Play with Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

Your best memories of school

I don’t have many memories from school because I go to school only to give my exams. And you cannot interact with anyone in the exam hall.

What's on your playlist?

I listen to all types of Hindi songs. I have a different playlist for different situations.

One teacher who is the proudest of you.

That has to be my principal. He will always keep a track on my tennis career and makes sure I get all the notes and material for my studies.

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